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Vario x SAVH VERSA SQ Batik Watch Pouch Packaging

With the success of our collaboration with SAVH Touch Art (Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped) on the Soft Watch Pillows, we've once again sought their help with the packaging for our VERSΛ Dual Time Reversible Watch. We had the Sarong Kebaya fabric by Singapore Airlines in mind since the watch is suitable for international travelers due to the dual time display and we're proud to share our Singaporean heritage with our international customers.

singapore airlines fabric

First, the fabrics are cut into square pieces and edges are machine-sewn by the volunteers at SAVH Touch Art with keen attention to detail.

sewing singapore airline fabric

The sewn fabrics are then passed to a visually-impaired Touch Art client to fold the edges with the help of a triangle cardboard before pinning the fabric to secure the fabric and passed back to the volunteers to sew.

folding the fabric

savh visually impaired working


After the sewing is done by the volunteers, the pouches are passed back to the visually-impaired Touch Art clients to string and tie up the knots to complete the pouch packaging. Our made in Singapore pouch can double as a watch tray or accessories pouch.

visually impaired making vario pouch

savh working on vario watch pouch

vario versa packaging made by visually impaired

To find out more about our VERSA watch project, please visit

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