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1918 Trench & Medic (Automatic)

vario trench and medic watch
vario trench and medic watch

Pre-Order (Delivery in June 2021-Jan 2022)

These are pre-orders and will only be delivered in June 2021 for customers ordering before April 9. For orders after April 9, they will be delivered in July 2021. For orders after June 21, they will be delivered in August 2021. For orders after August 9 , they will be delivered in September 2021. For orders after Sep 1 , they will be delivered in Jan 2022. 

More info about the watch can be found on 

Customers are welcomed to follow our updates on Kickstarter to know more about the progress of the watch productions.

Some variants will only have 1 run (May and June delivery) so that we can trim down the collection.
Please visit page 2 for laser engraving service and sapphire exhibition caseback.

Customers are responsible for any Tax payable in their countries.

These items are already heavily discounted. We will not accept any orders with any discounts applied to this collection. We thank you for your understanding.

vario trench and medic watch