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Vario x SAVH Handmade Soft Watch Pillows

vario watch pillows

We are thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with SAVH Touch Art (Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped) to bring these 100% handmade soft watch pillows to our customers! These soft watch pillows are great for holding watches (especially those on bracelets sized for smaller wrists, because of their elasticity) and jewelry. They are great for replacing worn-out or and overly stiff watch pillows in your watch box – plus our carefully curated fabrics will bring a smile to your face, and spice up the way you present your watch collection!

savh touch art

Our first step was visiting fabrics market in Singapore, run primarily by elderly small business owners who have seen the decline of tailor-made wears in the age of mass production. With Vario also being a small family business, we believe in the importance of supporting other small businesses whenever we can. We carefully selected 9 beautiful Japanese fabrics and 1 Singapore-designed fabric to use for the vibrant outer casings of our cushions. We were meant to release 10 Japanese made fabrics but when we saw the trademarked Sarong Kebaya design by Singapore Airlines, we had to get it. We are proud of our origins and felt the design being a symbol of hospitality matched our ethos at Vario and we're proud to share it with customers around the world.

peoples park complex fabric market

We certainly did not take the easy route to manufacture these pillows, round-edge pillows require a high degree of skill from the talented Touch Art team at SAVH. The Touch Art Programme was introduced to the visually impaired clients to equip them with skills to produce different handicraft items using the sense of touch. It provides the clients a platform to showcase their talent, opportunities to socialize with others and employment opportunities through making handicraft items.

cutting fabrics

First, the fabrics are cut and machine-sewn by the volunteers at SAVH Touch Art with keen attention to detail, forming the outer shell of the cushion.

machine sewing watch pillows

The sewn fabrics are then passed to a visually-impaired Touch Art client to delicately invert them and uniformly stuff them with a machine-washable polyester-cotton fibre.

stuffing pillows

filling watch pillows

The pillows are then measured in weight before they are passed to a volunteer who would cleanly seal the soft watch pillow with a hand stitch. Finally the pillows are given a thorough visual inspection before handing it to us.

vario pillows work in progress

weighting watch pillow

hand stiched watch pillows

In purchasing a set of Vario X SAVH Handmade Watch pillows, you are supporting the SAVH in empowering visually-impaired Touch Art clients who receive proceeds from the sales. Not only that, but we hope these personalized pillows will bring you joy whenever you open up your watch box and pick up your favourite timepiece!

vario watch pillows


For the full range of Vario x SAVH soft watch pillows, please visit

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