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10 Reasons Why You Should Own A Watch

So many people today are extremely focused on using their smart phones or their Smart watches for telling time regularly. While it is true that we often have devices which are capable of telling time and keeping us updated, there are still many people that prefer to wear a classic analog watch. Here are some of the top reasons why you should own a watch today.

max bill with orange tangy nato strap
Max Bill on Orange Tangy Nato strap by Chris Ford

It showcases your responsibility: An analog watch especially one that is hand wound shows that you are incredibly responsible person. They require you to regularly wind them and sometimes they take regular polishing. Showing that you can take care of this item can often be a mark of responsibility.

It commands prestige: With a beautiful wristwatch you can capture attention. Wristwatches are often associated as a man’s only piece of jewellery and having access to a watch can make you seem much more worldly and shows off your personality.

It's convenient: Rather than having to rustle around in your pocket for a smartphone or open up a device to check on the time, you can very easily check on the time right on your wrist. It can be dangerous to consistently take out your smart phone and try to check the time regularly. With the help of a watch you can help to save yourself from device fatigue and check accurate time anytime.

vario eclipse hematite
Vario Eclipse Hematite on Nato strap by Dan Petro

It's less distracting: Checking on the time with your smart phone can often lead to a huge spiral of productivity problems. With a simple analog watch you can make sure that you can avoid inefficiency and quickly check the time at any time.

It's a symbol of craftsmanship: Many of the top watch manufacturers often produce watches that take months to craft. The craftsmanship that goes into getting the accuracy of the movement and all of the moving parts working in tandem takes extensive talent. Having that symbol of craftsmanship by your side can be the perfect admiration if you are in the engineering field or if you enjoy mechanical items.

It showcases great style: Watches can be excellent fashion accessories for almost any outfit and you can often match your watch to the outfit you are wearing.

seiko alpinist on mono plaid nato
Seiko Alpinist on Mono Plaid Nato strap by Teh Lee

They can last over a long time: You could buy a watch today that could last you for an entire lifetime. Mechanical watches often turn into heirlooms and if you are willing to invest in a nice watch you could pass it down through generations.

They are dependable: Having a watch that runs on a battery can be a very dependable choice to check on the time. There are no issues of running out of power associated with mobile phones and smartwatches.

It's traditional: So many generations before us have depended on watches and in the business world they have always been a mark of tradition. Wearing a watch can pay tribute to previous generations and help you carry on the tradition into the future.

It can help you remember: A mechanical watch can help you learn so much about how watch works and it can help you to create a beautiful relationship between you and your timepiece which you might have fond memories of, be it a wedding anniversary or the watch that you wore when you secured a business deal. Watches go through thick and thin with you and help you remember those times.

seiko chronograph with Harris Tweed strap
Seiko chronograph on Harris Tweed strap by Alan Godfrey

Keep some of these top reasons in mind for why you should own watch. If you’ve had a watch lying in the drawer that was forgotten, its time to take it out and replace it with a new strap to update its look and wear it with pride.

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