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Article: What is the real value of a watch? – The Seiko SQ Day Date | VARIO

What is the real value of a watch? – The Seiko SQ Day Date	| VARIO

What is the real value of a watch? – The Seiko SQ Day Date | VARIO

The value of a watch is something that we always argue as watch enthusiasts, sometimes we see watches that cost as much as car and we say: ‘’ well that is a lot of watch for the money...’’ or sometimes we find that the secondary prices of a time-only watch are out of this world, but how about the sentimental value of a watch? As we know watches, with a little bit of care will outlast the wearer almost every time, the reason is because they are simple machines that have a sole purpose: tell time. I have a few watches in my collection that I really love, but there are other ones that are just special. Just to put things into perspective, I love my Rolex Explorer II first gen, the floating hands, the orange arrow, everything s perfect, even the size which is so widely criticized, it is the watch that I always go to, and I can see myself owning it for many years, maybe one day I will get tired or ill be in a position where I need the money to do something else, but in my head, despite of the attachment, is a piece that can depart form at any moment, so what can be a contender for a watch that it my eyes has it all? Well, I went to Italy this spring back to my parents’ house, and checking at some old things that they have, I’ve found this old, dirty Seiko SQ Day Date Ref. 7123-850, original bracelet and in a decent condition, it was just dirty. My dad told me that this was my grandfather watch, and because it was to blingy (it’s a 2-tone watch) he did not use it and forgot it was there. Me as a watch geek of everything that ticks, decided to bring it home, clean it and give it some love. My experience so far has been incredible, sure this is a massed produced watch that is selling on eBay for around 50 pounds, but that is not the point, the love comes from the magic I feel when I hold it, I start thinking why my grandfather bought it? Why the SQ movement? It was more expensive at the time than the regular Quartz version? Was he a watch guy? Or maybe the salesman did a good job? Whatever it is the answer the watch ended up here with me in the UK from Venezuela, its quite a journey and to dream about what the watch has seen, it really makes it special. Unfortunately, my grandfather is not here to tell me the history, but the best I can do is to tell you about the watch, let’s begin.

seiko quartz

The Specifications

There is not a lot of information out there about this Seiko, not because is rare, quite the opposite, it was too common to notice, but still, I believe it has some great features that make it even more special for me. The watch runs on the 7123 in house caliber from Seiko which is a SQ or Super Quartz, which bring accuracy to a +/- 5 seconds a day instead of the usual 15 that the normal calibers were offering at that time. We might think that because is a quartz movement it was a cheap produced watch but quite the opposite, in the 80s (which is when this watch was produced) quartz technology was accepted and still considered a luxury vs. their mechanical counterparts which were deemed obsolete. The watch wears nicely on my 6.26-inch wrist and it is because the size is perfect even by today standards with a lug to lug of 42mm and a diameter of 36mm. The watch has a date complication and a roman date wheel which I adore, the sunburst dial is still in amazing condition, together with the steel case and yellow fluted bezel, the watch couldn’t look more American Psycho than a Rolex Day Date although in the movie it was actually a newer Seiko 5 that was present on Christian Bale’s wrist.

seiko quartz watch on vario watch strap

On the wrist

Speaking of wrists, the watch wears great because of the 9mm thickness also, the original strap was in good shape, but I’ve decided to add new life and give it a great look with some straps from Vario, they look the part and I think they really make the watch stand out nicely, I even left the gold buckle for extra bling, very chic. You would think that a gold dial can be so versatile, looks great with a green olive dark strap but also the burgundy red adds a touch of sophistication, but the winner for me is the light blue leather with white stitching, boy it looks nice.

seiko watch on vario watch strap


I think this whole experience has helped me to understand better what the real value of the watch is, of course if the Seiko SQ was a six figure piece, it would definitely be something that I would consider selling but because the price is so low and the memories are so fond, there is no discussion that I will like to keep it for the next generation, I am sure my son will start appreciating watches more and more if I keep this hobby going, and someday he will be the one writing about this great grandfather or his father’s watch, whatever the outcome is, any of the watches in my collection will outlast me, so I do hope that they end up telling my story.

seiko quartz on vario watch strap

Seiko SQ watch paired with Vario Italian leather watch straps


Written by Robbie from Robbie & Watches


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When you pair a great watch with top grade straps, you wind up with a winning combination. Beautiful.

Mark Hannum

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