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Advice for picking the right watch strap | VARIO

A watch strap is a bracelet that holds a wristwatch on to the wrist, watch straps may be from a leather, rubber, fabric or metal, and it can also be a combination of different materials.  It is a functional and fashionable item serving a certain purpose and also for beautification.

Ideally, a good strap is an essential companion to any deserving watch, and picking the right one maybe a hard task at times.  A broad and diverse collection of strap can greatly influence the number of combinations available to you.  To an observer, the strap is often more visible than the face of the watch, so a smart selection of strap will make your watch appear truly magnificent. And by default, watch straps are often considerably cheaper than a whole new watch, so it is often a more considerable and cost effective means of expanding one's collection of watches.

raymond weil dress watch with vario harris tweed watch strap
Raymond Weil dress watch with Vario Harris Tweed watch strap


Determining your watch strap size

Watch straps are beautiful accessories that are crafted to fit with precision. Determining your size can be easily carried out if you follow the proper guidelines. You will actually need two measurements to order your strap, and they are your watch's lug width (the width between the areas where your watch strap fits) and your wrist size.

How to determine your lug width

Use a metric ruler or digital caliper to measure the distance between the inside of the lugs of the watch face in millimeters (mm), you can check the back of your watch strap to see if it is a number imprint shown in millimeters. Most watch straps are usually sorted by lug width, In order to ascertain the lug width you need for your watch, make sure you measure the distance between the lugs on your watch (the horn like parts protruding from the top and bottom of your watch).

vario watch and straps
DW Watch with Vario Watch Straps


How to determine your wrist size

You can make use of one of your previously owned leather strap that fits well in your hand, measure the long strap and short strap length separately with a ruler in millimeters; don’t measure the buckle when measuring the strap size. To find the correct strap or band for your watch, you will need to know various lengths and sizes. In order for your watch band to sit correctly, you need to buy one that's the right length for you. To do that, make sure you measure the length of the last watch band that fitted you.

The lug width and the length are especially important and should definitely be checked before you buy a watch strap to ensure the strap will fit your watch and your wrist correctly.

vario seat belt nato

Vario Seat Belt NATO


Watch strap trending now

Watch strap can give your timepiece a wonderful look, by simply getting a nice and reliable brand of strap. The strap I'll recommend is the NATO strap due to its great history and wide acceptance across the globe.

Popularly known with its history,  it was originally developed for British army soldier in the 1970s, although similar designs can be traced back to World war 2, but it's first major significant appearance was in the 1970s when it was debuted under the name "G10" .

NATO straps have become widely accepted by all and sundry due to its rugged nature and durability, and the verifiable storms of NATO strap spreads across the globe and it still continue to spread and they are sure to remain significant for years to come.

vario watch with vario graphic nato watch strapVario Eclipse dress watch with graphic Nato watch strap 


The most amazing feature of NATO strap is its single piece model; other straps are mostly made of two separate pieces and can only be fixed by removing both of the spring bars that attach to the watch. With this, changing strap can be a time consuming process, but NATO straps are simply woven underneath the spring bars, so they can be applied within few seconds 

Whichever watch strap you choose, it will help compliment your watch and having a sizable collection will aid you in personalizing your look.


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