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What is Ballistic Nylon?

Ballistic nylon fabric shares some huge differences with traditional nylon. Ballistic nylon is known for its extensive durability and its complex construction. This type of nylon was developed originally by DuPont as a base material used as flak jackets. This style of nylon was something worn by World War II airmen and it was the standard for protecting individuals from flying debris and bullets before the invention of Kevlar.

gshock with vario ballistic nylon strap

Although Kevlar is a tougher fabric for preventing bullet wounds, the ballistic weave of ballistic nylon delivers an extensive toughness that is still excellent for producing clothing items, straps and more.

vintage seiko on ballistic nylon strap

What gives ballistic nylon it's added strength is the weave that is used to create the fabric itself. The ballistic weave is known as an extremely dense weave that is extremely tight while also increasing the tear resistance of the fabric. Ballistic nylon remains one of the most durable weave patterns in the world and a scientifically proven durable fabric for its applications when used in fashion.

Ballistic nylon today has become a very popular choice for outdoors wear, backpacks, straps, durable jackets and more. Some of the first and most popular uses for these fabrics after Kevlar invention was in diving watches.

seiko skx007 on vario ballistic nylon strap

With Vario we are carrying out these tradition with a series of ballistic nylon Nato Straps made to suit lug widths of 20mm, 22mm and 24mm. These straps are designed to swap in and out of any type of watch within a minute and they can be customized to match your wardrobe and change up any time piece. The big advantage of using one of these straps is that they are some of the toughest fabrics that you could consider for replacing a watch band with and is more heavy duty than the normal nylon straps that you find in the market. They can deliver some of the best in comfort with their light construction as well as a superior level of strength and finish for a timepiece.

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