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6 customer's watches with ballistic nylon strap that we liked | VARIO

Ballistic Nylon is a strong woven fabric originally manufactured to provide protection against shrapnel but now widely used for watch straps. Here are a few samples from our customers on their watches.

dw with vario ballistic nylon watch strapDaniel Wellington watch with Vario Olive Ballistic Nylon strap by Sono from Japan


oris big crown with vario ballistic nylon watch strap|
Oris Pro Pilot watch with Vario Bronze Ballistic Nylon strap by Swee Cheng from Singapore


minimalist watch with vario ballistic nylon watch strap
Minimalist watch with Vario Navy Ballistic Nylon strap by Erika from Italy


vario ballistic nylon strap
Tudor watch with Vario Ash Ballistic Nylon strap by Dan from USA


vario ballistic nylon strap on gshock
Casio G-Shock watch with Vario Olive Ballistic Nylon strap by Fattah from Singapore

hamilton khaki king with vario ballistic nylon watch strap

Hamilton Khaki King watch with Vario Bronze Ballistic Nylon strap by Donald from Singapore

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