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6 Reasons Why Changing Your Watch Strap Is A Good Idea | VARIO

The process of watch buying is a vicious cycle, you pay your life savings for it, wear it a handful of times and see that it's starting to fade out, and you'll want to proceed to buy new one. Most consumers today are used to buying new watches as soon as their previous watch got a slight issue. Yet changing watch straps remain a mystery to most fashionista out there. But what If you could actually prolong the lifespan of your wristwatches by simply changing the strap and get to rock it even longer and longer?  What does changing a watch strap actually means?  Why do it?  Here are a few tips that will expose you to the benefits you'll derive from changing your watch strap instead of going for a brand new watch.

technomarine chrono watch with vario graphic nato watch strap
Technomarine Chrono Watch with Vario Graphic Nato strap

1. Saves Money - of course, the first and biggest advantage of changing watch strap is that, it is easier on consumer’s budgets, rather than going for a brand new watch and spend a whole lot of money. Changing the strap of your old watches will save you a lot of money, and the plus is, you can actually change the strap to your desired style, colour, design or make and you'll get the same fresh impression when you just bought a new one. Sounds cool yeah?

2. Better Style - not only the cost will be lower than to go for a brand new watch,  but the potentiality of enjoying the style of your watch is higher as well as you can simply create your new style by changing your old bracelet strap to a quality leather strap, just in case you are tired of rocking a chain strap and you want to compliment your watch with a worthy strap,  you can simply change the bracelet strap to a leather strap that shouts out your personality or vice versa.

Seiko dress watch with Vario Harris Tweed watch strap
Seiko watch with Vario Harris Tweed watch strap

3. Better Quality - simply put, not only will you be able to see better workmanship In your quality wristwatches, but you'll also be able to feel that the watches are perhaps more desirable as you have the privilege of changing the strap to your desired size or fit compared with the stock strap that comes with the watch. I can guarantee you that once you try a proper quality strap, you will feel the difference, it will be finer, fit better, and last much longer.

4. Eco Friendly - a good and sustainable environment can be achieved through this simple practice as it helps to avoid wastage, if you'd love to be more environmentally friendly but don't know where to begin, start with changing your watch strap so your environment will not be littered with bunches of unused wristwatches that eventually lie in the bin.

casio baby g with vario ballistic nylon watch strap
Casio Baby G with Vario Ballistic Nylon watch strap

5. Sentimental Value - we all have watches that have been with us on special occasions like an anniversary, graduation or maybe it was your parent’s favourite before passing the heirloom down to you. Sometimes the most ordinary can be the most extraordinary. Why not service or repair the watch and simply change the strap of your old watches and remind yourself of the great old days again.

6. Personal Satisfaction - finally, there is no better feelings than to be able to satisfy your needs, without compromising your budget and have the satisfactory feeling of personally changing your own watch strap to give it a new look. You can enjoy your lifestyle at a minimal budget. You’ll be glad you spent little to achieve a great result and get compliments from others for it.

Ricoh watch with Vario Harris Tweed watch strap
Ricoh watch with Vario Harris Tweed watch strap

Changing watch strap is a simple “do it yourself” process by following some basic tips and guidelines. It's the right time you start taking out your old watches from your drawer, give it a good polish and change their strap and get to rock them for even longer period.  Don't dull!


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