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Article: Simple and Perfect – The Cartier Tank Must | VARIO

Simple and Perfect – The Cartier Tank Must | VARIO

Simple and Perfect – The Cartier Tank Must | VARIO

cartier tank

There are a lot of watches that can really be called an icon, the Rolex Submariner, the Omega Speedmaster, how about the Patek Phillipe Calatrava? All of these watches are made for different purposes: diving, racing (or space whoever you ask) and dressing, but they do have one thing in common, they are not that accessible, sure the Speedmaster is somehow attainable, but not exactly pocket change and to be fair, entering this select icon club has a price. That said, there is always someone in the far corner that can make it and arguably it is even more important than that trio of beauties, it is of course the Cartier Tank. A lot has been said about Cartier and there more famous model the Tank, people often think that Cartier is a Fashion brand, and it is, but it is also one of the few houses that covers anything from women jewelry to high-end in-house caliber watches, it is truly a powerhouse. In the world of watches, Cartier has really been a benchmark of innovation, from high end Quartz to hand finished products collaborating with watchmakers like FP Journe, Denis Flageollet (of De Bethune), and Vianney Halter on their CPCP collection, but let’s go back to earth and think about the most affordable but iconic piece I’ve owned, the Cartier Tank Must.

cartier tank


Cartier has launched several variants of the Tank Must, but I believe that the latest Ref.WSTA0041 is the one to have, not only because it has all the traits of what makes a Cartier watch a true Cartier, but also because its case a carbon copy of the Cartier Luis de Cartier which was only produced in precious metals. The dimension might seem small even thought this is the large version: 33.7 mm x 25.5 mm with a thickness (if we can call it that) of 6.6 mm, for some reason this is for me the true size of the Tank, it looks perfect on my 6.25 wrist, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Let us address the elephant on the room, the movement, yes the Tank Must is powered by a Quartz unit but that is not necessarily a bad thing, sure, we have those vintage tanks with Frederique Piguet movements but I believe that the Quartz not only brings the prices down but also is a watch that you can put whenever you want and it will be always running, to be fair dress watches are not everyday pieces for must of us (or at least for me) and all of this combined with a 7 year of battery life, you know you have something for a while. The dial is where the party is, this watch is classy that is hard to think you need anything else on a dress piece, a blued minute hand and an hour hand adorn the beautiful roman numeral dial, the blue cabochon is present adorned by art deco surroundings and those elegant timeless square lines really add to the case, it is small but perfect, oh so perfect.

cartier tank

On the wrist:

Whenever you think that this watch wears small, you will be corrected by famous people who wore it, from Muhammad Ali to Andy Warhol, they all had a smaller version even, to me this watch in a bigger size just looks a bit odd, it probably the only watch that did not manage to grow well, that didn’t stop Cartier for trying, in fact the mechanical version does exist, but as the name suggest (extra-large) is just too big. The dial is easy to read, clear and tidy, and you won believe that a dress watch can be a strap monster, but it really is, my Cartier came with a bracelet which was fantastic abut also I’ve paired it with some of the Vario straps (shameless plug) and looks like magic.

 cartier tank on vario italian leather watch strap

Cartier Tank on Vario Epsom Italian leather watch strap

cartier tank on vario italian leather veg tan watch strap

Cartier Tank on Vario Veg Tan Italian leather watch strap


Cartier has giving us some of the best hits in watchmaking, a testament to this is that other fashion houses like Bulgari and Hermes are really taking a dive into high horology, they really recognize that there is a market for enthusiast that want something more than a disposable piece with a good branding on it. If you are after an iconic well-made and timeless product you can do much worse than a Cartier Tank, in the luxury world Cartier is as strong as Rolex, and yes there are some pieces that really go above and beyond on pricing, but this is a brand that is here to stay.


Written by Robbie from Robbie & Watches


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