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Oiled Leather Russet Brown Watch Strap for Casio AE1200WH World Time Watch

Sale price$28.00 USD


Transform your Casio AE1200WH World Time, AE1300WH and many other 18 mm lug Casio timepiece, into a distressed masterpiece brimming with character. VARIO’s latest collection uses the pull-up leather technique on our top grain leather to create gorgeous two-toned watch straps that look better the longer you wear them and turn affordable into adventurous effortlessly.

Available in six colors (Graphite Black, Moss Green, Merlot Red, Prussian Blue, Hippo Grey, Russet Brown, Cinnamon Brown, and Pecan Brown), the straps will appear lighter after they are worn a few times and the color begins to show through when bent. Each comes with a stainless steel buckle and quick-release functionality.

18mm lug width and 24mm strap width tapering to 20mm buckle width
measuring approx 4.9"/125mm long portion, 2.9"/76mm short portion and 4mm thick
stainless steel buckles
quick release pins
*watch not included*

Works with Casio AE1200WH, AE1300WH, AE1000W, AQ-S800W, W-218H, W-800H, DW-291, WS-1300H, SGW400H and many other (but not all) Casio that feature 18mm lug width. Our straps also work on Q Timex, Q Timex Chronograph and Casio F105 but the strap is wider than the case. Our straps does not work with W-737H.

Our high quality leather watch straps are individually inspected in Singapore, quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

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