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Fitting Guide

Will Vario's straps fit my watch?

How do I measure my watch strap width?

How do I install a Nato strap?

What is Quick Release?

Graphic Nato

Why are you charging a premium for your graphic NATO straps?

Should I get the 1 piece Nato or 2 piece Nato ?

My watch lug is 19mm. Can I use your 2 piece 20 or 22mm Nato straps?

Ballistic Nylon

What is ballistic nylon and how is it different from other nylon?

G-Shock Nato Kit

Does your G-Shock Nato Kit work for all G-Shock models? How do I install them?

Your Nato adapters doesn't fit my watch. Can I exchange it for another product or get a refund?

Harris Tweed

What is Harris Tweed and why wear Harris Tweed strap?

Your Harris Tweed strap looks warm. Is it suitable for warm countries?

Orders and Payment

I want a colour or size that you don't have. What should I do?

Do you custom make straps?

Do you offer discounts? Can I mix between different products?

Is ordering from your website secure?

What modes of payment do you accept?

I am from Singapore, why charge me US$ instead of SG$?

I am living in a remote area. Is the express charges as claimed?


Is Worldwide Shipping FREE?

How long does it take to ship my order? When will I receive my order?

How do I track my order or retrieve the tracking number??

I'm from Canada. Why does my order take more than a month?

What happens if no one is at home to retrieve the registered mail?

What are the possible reasons that may cause a delay in delivery?

I suspect my mail is lost. What can I do?

I gave the wrong address or wrong order. Can you change it for me?

Returns and Refund

I ordered the wrong product. Can I return it for an exchange or get a refund?

Will you pay for my return postage?