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Vintage Italian Watch Strap Reviews

This vintage style leather strap is carefully crafted to a high standard, nicely proportioned at 3mm thick and stitched in cream thread to create an exceedingly versatile strap that can be paired with just about any watch.

Our Italian leather is from Provincia di Vicenza with slight bi-colour effect and is stain and scratch resistant. Our leather strap is soft and supple, making the strap feel comfortable on your wrist. Check out what watch enthusiasts have to say about them.


vario italian leather strap

Stephen from Strapsense 


vario empire gunmetal

Michael from WatchUSeek 


vario italian leather watch strapsLoren from The Time Bum 


vario empire dress watch

vario empire

Erik from Monochrome Watches 


Ferid from EDC Gunner


Aron from OFD Watch Channel


Mark from Average Bros (From 5 mins onwards)


Dave from Just the Watch 


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