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Mother of Pearl x Art Deco in Watchmaking | VARIO

vario empire mother of pearlVario Empire Mother of Pearl on a Chinese chair with mother of pearl inlays

Origins of Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl (nacre) is resilient against exterior elements as it forms in the inner shell layer, a combination of minerals naturally secreted by the oysters and other mollusks. 

Mother of pearl is distinctive in appearance with its striking shimmer reminiscent of the sea’s tranquility with its pastel tones reflecting the light.  Strong and durable, mother of pearl is frequently used as a delicate, thin inlaid layer for jewelry and watches, exuding effortless sophistication with its naturally gorgeous texture and unique formation.

mother of pearl
The iridescent nacre inside a nautilus shell. Photo by Wikipedia

Mother of pearl is a popular material used in decorative arts, jewelry-making, and artistic creations since ancient times and throughout many worldwide cultures. The combination of lacquer and mother of pearl can be traced to many Asian artifacts in China, Japan, Korea and many South East Asian countries from as early as the twelfth century. Today, mother of pearl is frequently sought-after for its stylistic versatility, appearing in modern jewelry and watches.

mother of pearl lacquerware

A large mother of pearl inlaid black lacquer quatrefoil tray from Ming dynasty, 16th century. Photo by Christie's

Mother of Pearl x Art Deco

The Art Deco era originated in the 1910s before World War I in France, continuing through the 1930s. The Art Deco era showcased striking architectural shapes, geometric sharp angles, and bold patterns. Art Deco combined modern styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials. During its heyday, it represented luxury, glamour and exuberance.

vario empire mother of pearl art deco watch

Vario Empire Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl is the natural complement for Art Deco-inspired watches, adding a unique detail to these remarkably confident looks of this note-worthy time. The glamour of the Art Deco era is redefined with mother of pearl, offering a sleek sophisticated touch to these silhouettes.  Enhancing the watch’s elements and function, mother of pearl creates a contrast of texture and origin, perfect for adding an artisan touch to a refined timepiece.

Telling Time with Meaning

Our Vario Empire Mother of Pearl watches incorporate spirituality into a timepiece that is not only handsome but symbolic. Mother of pearl is seen as a lucky talisman, attracting fortune and wealth, in addition to enhancing mental clarity. Harness the wisdom and knowledge hidden deep within bodies of water with mother of pearl, calming the emotions with its soothing light colors.

vario empire mother of pearl art deco watch

vario empire mother of pearl art deco watch

Vario Empire Mother of Pearl

Crafted with care and attention to details, our Vario Empire Mother of Pearl fused nature’s beauty, the mother of pearl as the central element and artfully combining the design elements that our Vario Empire is known for to create a bespoke-like timepiece for you to cherish and pass down for generations. This distinctive style of Art Deco remains sought-after and we invite you to embrace the spiritual significance of mother of pearl and the Art Deco era with our Vario Empire Mother of Pearl watches and experience the timeless elegance of this unique and meaningful gem from the sea.


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