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Elastic Nylon Coal Black Watch Strap with G-Shock Compatible Adapter and Spring Bar Tool

Sale price$28.00 USD


Vario’s elastic strap provides the strength and durability of standard, but fits snugly on your wrist – plus, you have the option of injecting a little splash of color into your choice of these supple nylon bands. This may be your most comfortable nylon strap ever.

They are great at supporting large watches like Casio G-Shock, comfortable on the wrist and this replacement strap will last for many years to come. Frays can easily be taken care of on these watch bands by briefly holding a flame near the affected area.

stainless steel buckles
24mm wide stretchy elastic nylon
measuring approx 10"/260mm long and 1.6mm thick
machine-washable strap
100% Vegan Friendly
come with a pair of G-Shock compatible adapter, a set of 16mm spring bars and spring bar tool
*watch not included*

Works with Casio DW5000, DW5200, DW5300, DW5300CV, DW5600/GW5600, DW5610/GWM5610, DW6100, DW6200, DW6500, DW6900/G6900, DW9052, G2500, G7900, G8900, G100/GA100/GD100/GDF100, GA110, GA120/GD120, GA400, GA700, GG1000, GA2100, G8900, G9100, GW9200, GL7200, GLS5600 and many other (but not all) G-Shocks that feature 16mm lug width. Based on customer feedback, 5600, 5610 series are difficult to install and GD350, GX56, G9300, GW9400 needs a trim on the adapters to fit. Our adapters does not work with G9000, GA1000, MRG and GST series. If your model is not listed above, please contact us to check if our adapter works on your G-Shock before you purchase to avoid disappointment.

Please check out this link for instructions on how to fit the adapters unto your G-Shock

Inspected in Singapore, quality and satisfaction guaranteed

*The adapter fits many G-Shock models but not all models. Please check with us if you're not sure if the adapter will fit your G-Shock model.
**We are not responsible for any damage to your watch or yourself during the installation process and any trimmed adapters will not be refundable.

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Elastic Nylon Coal Black Watch Strap with G-Shock Compatible Adapter and Spring Bar Tool Sale price$28.00 USD