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Vario Empire Art Deco Watch Reviews

Inspired by sleek geometry, elegant typography and bold designs of the 1930s, Vario’s Empire Art Deco Watch Collection is merging time with timelessness. We’ve opted out of impersonal stock parts, choosing instead to give each watch in the collection its own custom-made case, dial, crown, and hands for visual drama. We’ve also pared down the pronounced horn lugs for a more refined, contemporary look. At its core, the sapphire glass-covered Miyota 6T33 Hand Wound Movement or Seiko NH38A Automatic Movement allows for a smooth winding ritual. Here are some reviews by watch enthusiasts.

vario empire dress watch

vario empire

Erik from Monochrome Watches 


vario empire silver dial dress watch

Shane from Relative Time


vario empire watch

vario empire watch

vario art deco watch white tuxedo

vario art deco watch white tuxedo with harris tweed strap

Kirk from Link and Tag 


vario art deco watch white tuxedo

Scott from Watches Galore


Brian from Watch Complications


vario empire

vario empire watch

 Qi Le from Wah So Shiok 


vario art deco watch white dial

vario art deco white dial

vario empire art deco caseback

Mike for The Time Bum 


Vario Art Deco watch

vario art deco watch silver guilloche dial

 vario art deco watch on wrist

Shane from WATCHA


Peter from Peter Von Panda


Aron from OFD Watch Channel


Chris from Marshall Time


Mark from Average Bros (6-9 min review on leather strap)


vario empire gunmetal

vario empire gunmetal

Michael from WatchUSeek 


Marin from Watch Geek 


Chris from Watch Chris



Robert from Random Rob



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