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ИAVI Jumping Hour x Popeye

vario popeye nautical dress watch

vario nautical 38mm dress watch with popeye head

We are designing a new nautical jumping hour watch ИAVI with Popeye the Sailorman in it. We've integrated design cues from captain's steering wheels, steam engine gauge hands and sailor's hat to interpret a watch that Popeye the Sailorman himself would wear. Let us know which variant you prefer so we can bring it to the market for you. For non Popeye fans, we have some other options that will suit you too.

vario nautical dress watch 

What is a Jump Hour movement?

Watches with a jump hour complication have an hour hand that does not sweep between the hours. Instead, it points exactly at the current hour and jumps to the next hour as the minute hand reaches 60 minutes. Theoretically this makes telling the time a bit easier, as the current hour is always being pointed at directly.



Who is Popeye?

Popeye is a rough and tough sailor with a heart of gold who always does what he can for others and always doing what he thinks is best. He is brave and compassionate, as he will not back down against any foe and give them all he has got, but his compassionate nature makes it so he always tries to "defends the weakerist", as he cannot stand seeing the weak and helpless get abused. Popeye has a long and rich history spanning nearly a century and is one of the most recognizable and beloved cartoon characters in the world, and is consistently regarded as one of the best ever created.


Why use a Jump Hour movement?

We love Seiko NH Series movements as reliable workhorses but once we own half a dozen of NH movements, we yearn for a special timepiece with a complication once reserved for high end watchmaking. At Vario, we try to make interesting watches at the affordable price range so enthusiasts can get more value from their watches and hence Seagull Jumping hour movement ST1721 was chosen for this timepiece.



Tentative Specs
Seagull Jumping hour movement ST1721
38mm brushed case 11mm thick
Flat sapphire crystal
20mm lug width
46mm lug to lug
Solid caseback
10ATM water resistance (He's a sailor, not a diver)
Distressed Italian leather strap


vario x popeye watch




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