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The Story of ИAVI x POPEYE Nautical Watch

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vario popeye jumping hour nautical watch

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Sailing, however deep, dark or choppy the waters, is about finding one’s way. This inspired ИAVI, Vario’s nautical collection, centered around our blue planet’s most iconic, yet mysterious element: the ocean.

Navigation is a great way to find oneself. Away from the noise, confusion and stress of the land world, here is the chance to experience the freedom of solitude — for a weekend, for weeks, or until Neptune knows when.


vario nautical watch jump hour

Vario ИAVI watch collection quotes its clues from marine vessels: a helmsman’s wheel, sailor hat crown, hands from barometer or steam engine gauges, sub-dials with an anchor or compass hand. Our ИAVI watches will remind you of the motion of the ocean, with its splashing and swooshing, soothing sounds of water. Let the rocking of the ship lull you, let the wind relax your ears and free your mind.

vario navi jumping hour watch

vario navi jumping hour watch

vario navi jumping hour watch

vario navi jumping hour watch

*Please note the hour may jump anywhere from 58 mins to 2 mins.


vario x popeye jump hour watch

For fans of the world’s most beloved sailor, our Popeye the Sailor Man edition adds a nostalgic touch to this collection. Popeye is featured prominently on the watch dial, his iconic arms pointing to the minute, then a porthole for hour window. On top of it, an optical lens sits as a water droplet, to magnify the “jumping hour”. This rare complication has a hidden hour wheel jumping to the current time number, like date windows do, instead of the hour hand sweeping around the dial.

vario popeye jumping hour nautical watch

vario popeye jumping hour nautical watch

vario popeye jumping hour nautical watchThese 2 Popeye Small Seconds will be very limited in numbers so do keep your eyes peeled on the launch date and join our newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive notifications.

For this jumping hour Popeye, there is about 5-6 mins where you can't make out the hour due to Popeye's muscular hand blocking the hour window. Customers are encouraged to set the time by turning the crown clockwise (not anti clockwise) to avoid hour wheel misalignments in the long run.

vario popeye jumping hour nautical watch

What is a Jump Hour movement and why use them?

Watches with a jump hour complication have an hour hand that does not sweep between the hours. Instead, it points exactly at the current hour and jumps to the next hour as the minute hand reaches 60 minutes. Theoretically this makes telling the time a bit easier, as the current hour is always being pointed at directly.

We love Seiko and Citizen movements as they are reliable workhorses but once we own a dozen of watches that uses these movements, we yearn for a special timepiece with a complication once reserved for high end watchmaking. At Vario, we try to make interesting watches at the affordable price range so enthusiasts can get more value from their watches and hence Seagull Jumping hour movement ST1721 was chosen for this timepiece.

vario popeye jumping hour nautical watch

Who is Popeye?

Popeye is a rough and tough sailor with a heart of gold who always does what he can for others and always doing what he thinks is best. He is brave and compassionate, as he will not back down against any foe and give them all he has got, but his compassionate nature makes it so he always tries to "defends the weakest", as he cannot stand seeing the weak and helpless get abused. Popeye has a long and rich history spanning nearly a century and is one of the most recognizable and beloved cartoon characters in the world, and is consistently regarded as one of the best ever created.


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Vario ИAVI Jump Hour Watch

Case diameter: 38mm
Case thickness: 11mm
Crystal: flat sapphire crystal with magnifier inner AR applied
Lug width: 20mm
Lug to lug: 46mm
Case Material: 316L stainless steel with solid caseback
Movement: Seagull Jumping Hour movement ST1721, 21.6kpbh, more than 40 hours power reserve, Accuracy +-45s/day, Non hacking.
Water resistance: 10 atm
Strap: Single Pass Cordura with hardware (260mm)
Warranty: 1 year global warranty


Limited Edition of less than 400 pieces of Jumping Hours between ИAVI & Popeye will be made with no re-runs

vario nautical jump hour watch


vario navi watch popeye

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What's Next After Jumping Hour?

There will not be a white or grey Jump Hour Popeye but we're considering a Single Hand Non Popeye Watch. Final Design not confirmed.



vario single hand navi watch


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vario popeye jumping hour nautical watch


vario x popeye watch




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