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G-Shock Watch Strap Reviews

G-Shock is a heavy duty watch but some folks don't like the silicone strap that comes along with it so We made some super heavy duty nylon straps coupled with Casio's G-Shock Nato adapter, to help our customers customise their G-Shock for better fit. Once the adapters are installed, it is very easy to swap the nylon straps. Check out some reviews and tutorials on how to install our Nato adapters onto your G-Shock.


Mike from Mike Hughes


 Neal from Heart of Texas Armory


Ivan from Perth Watch (learn how to install our Nato adapters unto your GW-9400 Rangeman)


Scott from Watches Galore (learn how to modify our Nato adapters for your G-Shock)


Philip from WatchUP69 to (learn how to install our Nato adapters on your G-Shock)


Shop our full range of Vario's G-Shock Nato strap


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