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Empire MecaQuartz Chronograph Watch

vario empire chrono mecaquartz


Diameter: 38mm 

Lug to Lug: 46mm 
Thickness: 11.5mm 
Strap Width: 20mm 
Movement: Seiko TMI VK64 Mechaquartz
Crystal: Sapphire on front with inner AR coating
Water Resistance: 5 ATM
Warranty: 1 Year Global warranty
Battery Life : 2+ years
Battery : SR936SW

Strap: Vintage style Italian leather with slight bi-colour effect (20mm taper to 16mm) 


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vario art deco empire dress watch

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vario empire chrono

*There is no moving seconds hand for this watch, only the chrono seconds hand which will be triggered by the chrono button on top right.


Setting the time:

1. Pull out the crown to the second click position. Date function on first position is not used for this watch model.
2. Turn the crown to set the hour and minute hand.
3. Check that AM / PM is set correctly by looking at the 24-hour sub-dial in the 3 o’clock position.
4. Push in the crown to the normal position.

Using the chronograph:

Your Art Deco Dress Chronograph features a stopwatch that can measure up to 60 minutes.
1. To start the chronograph: Press the upper pusher. The chronograph hands will begin to move.
2. To stop the chronograph: Press the upper pusher again. The chronograph hands will stop and indicate the elapsed time. (Read the elapsed seconds on the large central hand and minutes on the sub-dial in the 9 o'clock position).
3. To reset the chronograph: Press the lower pusher to reset the chronograph. All the chronograph hands will be reset to "0” position.

What is MecaQuartz?

Mecaquartz chronographs use movements of a hybrid construction. These movements join a quartz-regulated electronic timekeeping engine and a mechanical chronograph module. Mecaquartz chronographs have the accuracy and stability of quartz, the handling of a mechanical chronograph, and a physically compact package. 

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