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A Man and his Trench watch

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vario trench watch
"My Vario Trench Watch represents a rediscovered connection to my great granduncle - a German-speaking Swiss soldier who enlisted in France's régiment de marche de la Légion étrangère (Foreign Legion) in 1915. He would serve three years in WWI and was unfortunately killed in the area of the Somme a few months before it ended. He has no known grave. I keep the watch as a way to remember him and the millions of other lives impacted by the war. It's a beautiful piece."

Jon Mattson

trench watches

"I ordered my Vario trench watch during the Kickstarter campaign, so I've had it now since July 2001. I've had a passion for watches since I was a boy and started collecting them from my first wage packet in 1984. Most of the trench style watches I have in my watch collection I got in the mid to late 1980s. When you could pick them up at antique fairs for the value of the silver.

And by placing my Vario trench watch amongst my other watch is of a similar period you can see how it just blends in. If you compare the face of the Vario to the face of the watch on the left-hand side with the brown strap you can see how similar they are. The watch with a similar face is a Brevet Dem M&co with a London import mark and the date year of 1915.

I am always reluctant to wear the original watches but with Vario’s Watch you can wear the style without the worries and with the added bonus of being water resistant with a screw down crown and self-winding. What also made the watch special was the personal note from Ivan and Judy I really appreciated.

But for me the main beauty of this watch is what it stands for. Helping to not forget who we've lost in all conflict, not just in World War 1 and regardless of what side we were fighting for."

Lee McLean

vario trench watch

"I love my real 1915 trench watch but being 106 years old it was very unreliable. Vario have built the most beautiful replica with modern screw down crown automatic movement and total reliability. I could not be happier with this solid stunning military watch. This one is a keeper for life! Thank you Vario watches."
vario trench watch
"Worn every day since I received it in July of 2021. It just keeps getting better. A few weeks ago I was on the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in Calgary, Canada and a couple of Sikh gentlemen complimented me on my 40 mm brass, white and orange trench watch. They oohed and awed about it for a minute. Given the gold jewelry they had on, I took their compliments graciously. Thank you Vario"
Warren Cummins
vario trench watch
"I went to a watch get together last year out of town. On top of wanting to wear a cool watch that would catch the eye of watch enthusiasts, I wanted to wear one that would be appropriate for the local attraction I was going to visit, The National WW1 Museum in Kansas City. I don't have a big fireworks story, but everything went beautifully. I got many compliments on my watch at the watch event. Then, when I went to the museum, it added to the experience to be wearing a period-correct timepiece. Further, the inscription on the back now has even more meaning after seeing the big display of poppies at the museum. Now, my trench watch and my trip to Kansas City are always linked, and when I see any reference to one, I usually also think of the other. I love my trench watch. It's a great companion that gives me joy whenever I wear it. It was even more so at the WW1 museum."
Marvin Simpson
vario trench watch
"I bought this watch few months ago, I was watching WW1 documentary and I remembered that this watch was available, I saw some reviews on YouTube and I see that the watch was an excellent option to an historic watch. Some people could say that this is an homage and they could be right, but this watch is so well made that even feels like you're in that era. The watch itself is a piece of art, it's elegant but functional at the same time. I love the second hands on a separate screen and not as part of the minutes and hour hands. The big numbers resembles the era were the first wrist watches were created and even today I feel them atemporal. The lume could be something that was sacrificed but the orange color gives color to the era. It's so well made that I could wear it on rainy days without fears. After I bought this watch I started to do more research of this kind of watches and some accessories the soldiers wear and I found that some officers uses whistles to give orders, so I bought one replica (Acme Whistles sells the original whistles made with the same machines of that era). This watch gave me so much proud and made me to do more research about the Great War era, and also about men fashion history. Finally, this watch has become a favorite in my collection and I feel that will last forever because not only is beautiful, it feels a unique piece that could last for generations."
Luis Fernando Zatarain Aguilera
vario trench watch
"First off, the trench watch itself has been my daily wear for nearly a year. Once I got the shrapnel cover, I started getting so many compliments and people interested in the "interesting cover" on my watch. It gives me chance to show off a cool watch and talk a bit about the history behind it."
Justin Shepard
vario trench watch
"I am privileged to own a 1915 Rolex trench watch which has been lovingly restored, but because of its age and lack of water resistance and shock resistance I wear it only for special occasions. I wanted a modern trench watch replica for a daily wearer and chose the Vario 37mm 1918 trench watch with orange lume since it so closely resembles the 107 year old Rolex. I am thrilled with the quality of the Vario and impressed with the accuracy of the gorgeous gilt movement."
Stanmore Cooper
vario medic watch
"I love the watch and the history lessons i am able to teach people. The watch is a beautiful piece. And the design is true to trench watches of the time. The only downside is that there are not many straps you can use with this watch, since it has a through hole design. However, this design choice is true to the actual history it mimics, so i rather have a smaller selection of straps, and have a true replica. Thanks Vario, for this magnificent time piece!"
Kalman Feld
vario trench watch
"I bought this model on Kickstarter as one of three. You can see how it compares with an original 1915 version (still with radioactive radium lume) in the attached photo. The quality of the Vario is great, you can tell much though and care has gone into assuring the customer will be happy with the purchase. I think 37mm is the perfect size especially when used with a bund strap. Overall a fantastic watch that does credit to the original - well done Vario."

Andrew Smith

vario trench watch
"It seems so long ago that I pre-ordered this from Kickstarter and now that it's here I can't take my eyes off it! The attention to detail for such a small watch is incredible, especially on the brass model! Every way I turn the watch the light plays differently whether reflecting off the polished bezel, the brushed case, the milky dial or the 3D lumed indices. As someone who has a 6" wrist, this watch sits perfectly with the bund. Thank you to Ivan and Judy for such a great product!"

Alfred Tsang

vario trench watch
"I'm totally satisfied! I've been waiting for a watch like this for about fifteen years, ever since I'd begun wearing and collecting watches. I have a real trench watch and a few early wristwatches, but a modern one like the Vario Trench is a dream come true. It's great in every aspect. Just the right size, right colors, great engraved bcaseback, amazing bund strap, etc, etc... It just ticks all the boxes. Thank you, Ivan and Judy!"

Anton Yakovlev

vario trench watch
"Having seen this watch and waited for its Kickstarter release, I was very excited for it. I did end up having to wait and pre-ordered it in February, and was not disappointed at all when it arrived lately. I was originally drawn to this watch due to its obvious styling roots in the early wristwatches of WW1, but with modern wearability. I'm a big fan of the old throwback fixed lugs, enamel dial and automatic movement. This watch is very tasteful and stylishly sharp, with digits that really stand out, and personally I feel that with the blue strap the red 12 really pops and looks superb. It just feels so authentic with it's smaller vintage size and design. As such, it's never left my wrist since I opened it up hah. The design is just so timeless and I'm surprised there aren't more like it nowadays, at least not for this price. On that, it's the most I've ever spent on a watch but I think it's been money well spent. The small team at Vario are great and this watch is truly great to match. I had already got an ash bund strap to use on another fixed lug WW1 style watch I have and their service was as fantastic back then. Goes to show. Thanks a bunch, best of luck with future projects!"
Darragh McConville
vario trench watch
"Big World War 1 buff so when I saw this trench watch had to acquire. The design matched my U.S. Mint World War 1 100th Anniversary Commemorative Silver Dollar and Silver Navy Medal. Also picked up one of the Vario t-shirts as well. Purchased the cream dial with orange lume with a camel brown bund band. Watch looks great and already received positive compliments from friends. Ordered mid-April 2021 and received 1st week of August 2021. COVID increased time on the manufacturing process. Ivan and Judy kept me informed thru ordering, manufacturing of watch, quality control checks and then its posting. Once placed in post package was delivered quickly. Highly recommend this watch. If this watch doesn't fit your fancy no worries, Vario has other watches and accessories that may and you will enjoy the communication from Vario customer service keeping you up-to-date."
Christopher Alion

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