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Why owning more than one strap is a good idea | VARIO

Watch straps are the watch accessory I see as a must have. A simple change of strap can completely change the look of a watch. Make a dressy watch casual, causal watch dressy, make some accents on a watch pop, better match your clothing, make the watch more comfortable, or just breathe new life into an old watch.

vario eclipse dress watch
Vario Eclipse dress watch with leather strap

A good reason to change the strap that your watch came with is most of the time those straps aren’t very high quality. If it’s leather it will usually be pretty stiff and hard to break in and nato straps are usually of lower quality and feel flimsy. Spending just a couple extra bucks allows the strap to match the quality of the watch you bought or make your watch feel more expensive. 

Different straps are also good for different seasons. Leather is king within the colder months and while you can wear leather in the summer the sweat could ruin the strap. So for those hotter months silicone, perlons, and natos are what  you want. And all these can be worn in the winter as well so it gives you some variation.

nomos watch with silicone strap
Nomos watch with silicone watch strap

Speaking of variation, buying aftermarket straps allows a greater color, material, and style selection. Straps that come with watches are usually black or  brown leather or maybe a solid primary color of a nato or silicone. But buying a strap yourself you can get any color you can think of. Tweed straps in pink, green, purple, blue to cork watch straps, to alligator straps in varieties of colors, even ostrich. You could get rally straps or vintage styled leather straps, distressed leathers, patterned natos such as ones that have little raindrops on them, which you would never find on the watch at the store. There’s the options mentioned and many many more all just one web search away.,,,, and are some of my personal favorite places to find straps.

orient star on vario seat belt nato
Orient Star on Vario Seat Belt Nato

Buy a couple watch straps and have some fun. You’ll possibly need a strap changing tool unless your new strap has quick release spring bars which are so convenient allowing you to swatch straps in seconds. Some companies provide a strap changing tool when purchasing a strap and that just saves you from having to find another one. But realistically something like a paper clip would work if your really in a pinch.


Written by Xavier Sanchez


Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the author and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.


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