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G-Shock Nato Adapter Kit Customer's Testimonials | VARIO

If you like the Casio G-Shock watches but dislike the black polyurethane strap, add these adapters to allow your watch to accept any 24mm one piece strap. Here's what some of our customers have to say about our Nato adapter kit.


vario gshock nato strap

"I'm really loving how it looks. " - Haziq from Singapore bought  (Ballistic Nylon Coal kit) 

vario gshock nato strap

"Very very cool, now I can use Zulu straps on my gshock GA100-1A1. The adapters were a little tricky to get on but I eventually got them in and they work perfectly. Would recommend the seller, very friendly. Shipping was quick, considering its on the other side of the world. Arrived sooner than expected. Thanks again!" - Derek from USA (Ballistic Nylon Bronze kit)


gshock watch with nato strap

"The straps are very beautiful and the packing was perfect. I really enjoyed the felt bag. It is comfortable and beautiful" - Flavio from Italy (Ballistic Nylon kit)


gshock with nato strap

"The G-Shock adapters are as rugged as the G-Shock watches, helped me replace the resin strap with a more durable NATO that will endure all activities. The instruction to install were very clear, and the installation was fairly easy!" -Abdulla from United Arab Emirates (Ballistic Nylon Bronze kit)


vario gshock nato strap

"Looks great thanks for all your help and great service" -Ian from United Kingdom (Ballistic Nylon Coal kit)


 gshock nato watch

"Managed to have the strap and adapter installed...Nice upgrade" - KimKha from Philippines (Ballistic Nylon Coal kit)


gshock riseman on vario ballistic nylon nato strap

"My Casio GW9200 Riseman on your absolutely fanatic NATO Strap. Loved the straps, thanks again. However, the lug adapter did not go in without a fight. I had to cut out some material at three different places in order to align the screw holes." - Subodh from India (Ballistic Nylon Olive kit)


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