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How to install Casio G-Shock Nato Strap Adapters

This is a genuine adapter from Casio Factory to convert your G-Shock so that you will be able to use straps like Nato and Zulu Straps for better fit, comfort and durability.

vario 3 ring zulu strap and casio g-shock nato adapter

g-shock nato strap adapter with 3 ring zulu strap

Allows Casio G-Shock watches to be used with 22mm and 24mm Nato or Zulu straps. You will be able to use 22mm but there will be some play.

Works with Casio DW5000, DW5200, DW5300, DW5600, DW5300CV, DW5600, DW6100, DW6200, DW6500, DW6900, G-2500, G-8900, GA100 series, GDF100 series, GL7200 series, GLS5600, Frogman and many other Casios that feature 16mm lug width. 

where to cut off resin for casio nato adapter

Any G-Shock that can accept a standard 16mm spring bar should be compatible. For some models, you might need to cut off abit of resin on the adapter to fit. (marked red in picture) Please email us at if you're unsure.

vario camo green nato strap on casio g-shock

vario printed nato strap with casio g-shock

Casio G-Shock GD100 with 24mm ballistic nylon strap and nato adapter

How to fit the Casio G-Shock Nato Strap Adapters

  1. Remove the standard polyurethane strap and use back the removed spring bars to attach the adapter.
  2. As you will not be able to see the spring bar hole on one side, it is little tricky to get the spring bar in place. Keep trying by pushing the end of the spring bar with Spring Bar Tools "Y" end.
  3. Once you get the spring bar into the lugs, use the springbar tool to push it in until you hear a click.
  4. To make sure the springbar fitted the lugs hole, try pulling the adapter to make sure its secure before slotting the NATO strap. 
how to install casio g-shock nato adapter


Tip: If you're worried about scratching your watch, apply small pieces of scotch tape on lugs before you work on it. :)

scotch tape

For the full range of Vario's Nato strap kit for Casio G-Shock please visit


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*Please check with us if you're not sure if the adapter will fit your G-Shock model.
**We are not responsible for any damage to your watch or yourself during the installation process and any trimmed adapters will not be refundable.

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