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Why Wear Harris Tweed On Your Wrist

Harris Tweed is a fabric handwoven by islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides. For more than 100 years, the skills used to create Harris Tweed have been passed down through the generations. Today, it is at the cutting edge of fashion and design.

Menswear brands such as Brook Brothers, Hugo Boss and Paul Smith use this fabric for jackets, outerwear and suits. Footwear brands like Nike, Dr Martens, Red Wings and Clarks have also used Harris Tweed. Vario is now bringing this exquisite fabric onto your wrist and here are some reasons why wool as a material is desired.

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Natural and Renewable

Wool is a natural fibre produced by sheeps, making wool a renewable source as its fleece is harvested yearly.

Safe and Biodegradable

Wool is safer than most synthetics and cotton fabrics because of its naturally high UV protection. Pure wool like Harris Tweed does not catch fire easily. Even if it does, wool does not release toxic fumes and burns very slowly. Wool is a natural fibre and hence biodegradable, releasing valuable nutrients in soil making it an environment friendly material.
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Durable and Easy to Care For

Wool is a hard wearing fiber that retains its good appearance if given adequate care. Wool fabrics tend to retain their shape. The natural elasticity also makes woolen fabrics resistant to tearing. Wool has a natural protective layer that prevents stains from being absorbed and deters dust. This means wool is naturally stain and static resistant.

Breathable and Multi Climate

Wool is a breathable insulator. It helps keep the body at an even temperature and does not conduct heat. This means that during hot or cold weather it will keep you at a constant temperature. This is due to the small pockets of air formed by the fibers of the fabric.

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Cost and Luxury

Wool fabrics are not cheap. Consequently, wool is considered a luxury fiber. The high cost of wool fabric has led to a number of synthetic substitutions, but none comes close to all the wonderful properties of wool.

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