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Made in Japan Watches

zenkoji temple

Vario places absolute importance on quality control and all our watches are tested and inspected in Singapore before being dispatched to customers worldwide. To further enhance our commitment to quality, a selection of our watches are assembled in Nagano, Japan - a prefecture long celebrated for its watchmaking expertise. Our partner in Japan shares our commitment to quality and supports us with state-of-the-art watchmaking technology and next-level assembly practices.

We visited the Japan factory and it was awesome to witness the care and commitment devoted to the assembly of our watches. Japanese inspection routines and microscopic attention to detail at every stage of production give us total confidence in the quality and perfection of all our Vario products.

ivan visit to japanese watch factoryJapanese factory visit. Ivan wearing anti-static clothes before entering the facility.

japanese factory checking watches

inspecting watch components
Technicians inspecting components with microscopes.

vario's watch projectVario's watch parts in storage rack.

List of Vario Watches that is Made in Japan

Empire Mother of Pearl
Empire x Art Nouveau
Empire True GMT