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Made in China Watches

Vario places absolute importance on quality control and all our watches are tested and inspected in Singapore before being dispatched to customers worldwide. We select the best manufactuers in China to produce our watches. Our partner in China shares our commitment to quality and supports us with state-of-the-art watchmaking technology with great enthusiasm to bring our ideas to life.

We visited our China factory and it was awesome to witness the many processes that went into the production of our watches. Their professionalism give us total confidence in the quality and perfection of all our Vario products.

dustless facility in China

Chinese factory visit. Video of Ivan going through clean room air shower before entering the facility.

watch techinician installing hands

Technicians installing hands with the aid of machine and microscope for precision.

technician installing hands on vario watch

Technician installing hands on Vario's mechanical watch.

watch testing equipment
watch testing equipment
watch testing equipment
watch testing equipment

A series of testing equipment for watches and accessories.

strap assembly

Strap assembly and packing.

All watches have their QC in China and once we get the watches back in Singapore, we will do another round of QC before sending them out to customers.