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Artículo: The Top 10 Watch Accessories Every Watch Owner Needs | VARIO

The Top 10 Watch Accessories Every Watch Owner Needs | VARIO

The Top 10 Watch Accessories Every Watch Owner Needs | VARIO

For the average person, owning a watch means purchasing it and nothing more. They wear it out on occasion, put it in a drawer or jewelry box once they’re finished, and never give it another thought. However, once you inherit a cherished timepiece, buy one that instantly becomes an everyday favorite, or go down the rabbit hole of collecting weird, beautiful, or unique straps, the game changes. Suddenly, it’s not enough to have the watch case and standard strap it came with. You need more. Much more.

If you’re unsure of where to start in terms of accessories, then this guide is just for you. Don’t forget to check out the high-quality VARIO versions of these items!

1. Watch Travel Case

If you care about the long-term condition of your watch, simply tossing it in with the rest of your luggage won’t cut it. Not only does it make your watch susceptible to spills and damage from loose items that may rattle around, if you have more than one watch, multiple strap options, or some of the other items on this list, it will be much harder to keep them organized and grab what you need when you need it.

Once you decide to get a watch, a watch travel case should be your very next purchase. There are a variety of styles and sizes available, so take some time to figure out what is best for you. Cheap, badly made cases can be just as damaging to your watch as external elements, so watch out for cheap plastics and flimsy lining.

vario travel watch case

You can also check out some of VARIO’s travel watch rolls – perfect for storing your watches, tools, and other small accessories.

2. Watch Cleaning Cloth

Like lenses, your watch shouldn’t be cleaned with just any material. Tiny scratches on the glass and case affect the aesthetics of your timepiece and resale value over time, cause a more permanent annoyance than any lint or dirt that you’ve attempted to clean in the past. A soft cloth will work in an emergency, but for a more effective long-term solution, we at VARIO recommend using premium microfiber cloth to clean your watch. Relatively inexpensive, microfiber is a very small investment to keep your watch free of dirt, grease, oil, fuzz, and fingerprints for up to twelve months. It is also extremely small and takes up little to no space in your watch travel case or any other type of storage.

vario watch cleaning cloth

VARIO’s premium microfiber cloth goes well with a travel watch case and is available for just $4.

3. Watch Spring Bars

A pair of spring bars for each of your two-piece watch straps makes it easier for you to change between your favorite designs much faster. However, at least one extra pair goes a long way in case one of your current bars are broken or damaged. Be sure to check that the bars are the correct size and shape for your watch before a purchase.

curved spring bars

VARIO has spring bars available in multiple styles including curved spring bars and sizes for just $2 a pair.

4. Watch Spring Bar Removal Tool

The spring bar removal tool should go hand-in-hand with your first spring bar purchase. While other items can be used, it’s best to avoid them as they may damage your watch and cause injury. Watch spring removal tools are inexpensive, and depending on how often you switch straps, a single tool with one backup can keep you covered for years.

travel spring bar tool

VARIO has spring bar removal tools available in multiple styles and sizes from just $4.

5. Butterfly Deployant Clasp

While regular watch bands have their own charm, whether due to disability, age, or personal preference, you may want to have an easier time securing your watch to your wrist with one hand. In this case, a butterfly deployant clasp is a must-have accessory. Also known as ‘dual-fold’ clasps, they take only a few minutes to install, but you’ll

Securing a watch with one hand doesn’t have to be a hassle. Quick, secure, and durable, VARIO’s butterfly deployant clasp or ‘dual-fold clasp’ takes a few minutes to install, but you will in turn save so much time putting your watch on in the future. Since most are made from stainless steel, they are also highly resistant to wear and tear, and will last a very long time.

vario deployant clasp

VARIO has butterfly deployant clasps starting from $14.

6. G-Shock Adapters

Some watches are very limited in terms of the type of bands that they allow you to wear. For instance, lovers of the G-SHOCK brand might find that while single strap can provide a comfortable fit for the heavier models, they’re unable to be worn with them as-is, due to the design of the watch. In this case, a special adapter on each side of your G-SHOCK watch would allow you to use your favorite colors and styles of single-pass or any other type of one-strap band with your G-SHOCK. Simply install the appropriate model, and you’ll have many more options when it comes to look and functionality. Some adventurous customers managed to install these on their other Casio watches.

gshock adapters

In addition to high-quality Elastic, Seat Belt, and Ballistic straps, VARIO has G-SHOCK adapters starting from $12.

7. A Watch-winder

If you have a mechanical watch, then you would probably already be familiar with watch winders. These tiny devices wind your watch for you while it’s not on your wrist, so that you won’t constantly have to do it by hand every morning, or however often the watch requires you to. However, while they were originally made with mechanical watches in mind, you can still use the watch winder even if yours is automatic.

Automatic watches require the wearer to remain active in order for their motion to ‘wind’ the watch. If you want to keep your automatic watch going even after long periods of inactivity, this accessory is a must-have for your collection.

watch winderShown here is a single Versa Watch Winder

8. Watch Storage Box

The first item we mentioned on this list was a watch travel case, but while those are geared more towards portability, if you’re a person that loves to be organized, and you have more than one watch at home, it may be time to consider purchasing a storage box. Not only do they keep all your watches in one place, they’re also a great way to display your collection at home.

watch box

Shown here is a generic Watch Box found on Amazon and Ebay

9. Clip-on Watch Strap Compass

This seems like an unlikely candidate for persons that are not into running, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities, but a manual compass is one of those things it’s better to have and never need. Paired with any watches, it makes up a key part of any emergency travel or survival kit. It can also be clipped to clothing and backpacks.

vario clip on compass

VARIO has watch strap compasses available for just $4.

10. A Few Extra Watch Bands You Love

Last, but certainly not least, we recommend having a couple extra watch straps to mix and match while you’re on the go. Switch between classical black leather and graphic as you leave from work for a casual night out, or trade out your soft silicone for stainless steel mesh if you want to achieve a more elegant look.

vario leather watch straps

We have a full range of watch straps that will satisfy your needs

11. BONUS - Soft Watch Pillows

Do you have a bracelet watch and they won't fit hard watch pillows that come with watch boxes? They are great for replacing worn-out or and overly stiff watch pillows in your watch box – plus our carefully curated fabrics will bring a smile to your face, and spice up the way your present your watch collection! Furthermore, they are stuffed by the visually impaired in Singapore to support a good cause.

vario watch pillows

Check out these lovely handmade watch pillows.

Shop our full range of Travel Watch Case/Pouch

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