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Why A Travel Watch Case Should Be Your Next Purchase | VARIO

Are you on the fence about getting a watch travel case? They’re not just for collectors or professionals who need to take two or more watches with them on a business trip. If you own even a single watch that you won’t be wearing every second of the day when you travel, then you need a travel case for your watch. It’s that simple.

Watch travel cases come in many different styles and at various price points, and one might be better suited to your lifestyle and the size of your collection than others. Keep reading to see why you need one, and perhaps pick up a few pointers on how to choose the right travel watch case.

vario travel watch case

You can also check out some of VARIO’s travel watch cases and pouches that are also perfect for storing your traditional or smartwatch like the Apple watch, earphones, and other small accessories.


Watch Travel Cases Offer Protection

If you’ve traveled without experiencing any spills or disruption in your suitcases or carry-ons, you’ve been lucky. Whether a bottle of shampoo or lotion goes rogue, or some loose change or other items cause scratches or bumps, something is bound to get at your watch if you pack it with other items. By getting a high-quality watch travel case, you protect your watch and its straps from bumps, scrapes, scratches, spills, stains, and other types of damage.

Just as important as the outer shell of the case is the internal lining. A cheap or poorly-made lining will come apart easily and allow your watch to bump around in the case. Ensure that your case is not stored in a damp or musty area, and this will ruin even the highest-quality boxes and the watch stored inside.

Watch Travel Cases Keep You Organized

This may not be much of an issue for persons with a single watch, but larger watch cases can hold anywhere from two to two-dozen individual watches with ease. If you love options or need to have a wide selection with you for professional reasons, a watch case is your best bet for staying organized.


vario travel watch case with earphone

Want to make your favorite watch stand out? Check out our unique NATO strap designs. Don’t have a favorite watch? Our Eclipse Collection may have exactly what you’re looking for.


Watch Travel Cases Help You Grow Your Collection

If you’re new to watch-collecting, traveling may be a great way for you to find new pieces to add to your collection. With a multi-watch travel case, you can review your collection at any time, and add new timepieces while on the road. If you’re going for a specific theme, having your other watches on hand can even make it easier to pick a new member of the family.

Watch Travel Cases Give You Flexibility

Do you have multiple watch straps for your favorite timepiece? Watch travel cases with compartments allow you to take multiple strap options on the road, and change your look from casual to trendy to professional with strap changing tools and a few minutes of your time. Travel cases aren’t just for watches, straps, watch tools, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. You can also drop small items like cuff links, tie pins, pins, and brooches in the pockets for safekeeping.

Watch Travel Cases Allow You To Show Off

Like us at VARIO, many people appreciate a good watch! If you’ve got one or a few that you’re proud of, a travel watch case allows you to display your collection with pride to a fellow watch aficionado, or pass it around for family and friends to take a peek at while you pay a visit.

vario travel watch case

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