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Butterfly Deployant Clasp

$14.00 USD

Securing a watch with one hand doesn’t have to be a hassle. Quick, secure, and durable, VARIO’s butterfly deployant clasp or ‘dual-fold clasp’ takes a few minutes to install, but turns securing your watch into a two-second process. Made from stainless steel, these clasps experience minimal wear and tear, and open and close with a simple snap.

Available in sizes of 16mm, 18mm, 20mm measure at the buckle end.

If you're buying this for our Harris Tweed strap, please choose 2mm smaller than the strap width as the strap have a 2mm taper towards the buckle.

18mm Harris Tweed strap - 16mm deployant buckle
20mm Harris Tweed strap - 18mm deployant buckle
22mm Harris Tweed strap - 20mm deployant buckle

If you're buying this for our Italian strap, please choose the following.

18mm Italian leather strap - please choose 16mm deployant buckle
19mm Italian leather strap - please choose 16mm deployant buckle
20mm Italian leather strap - please choose 16mm deployant buckle
22mm Italian leather strap - please choose 18mm deployant buckle

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