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Artículo: A Submariner replacement or a great diver? The Bremont Supermarine S301 | VARIO

A Submariner replacement or a great diver? The Bremont Supermarine S301 | VARIO

A Submariner replacement or a great diver? The Bremont Supermarine S301 | VARIO

I sold my Rolex Submariner, there I said it. It was not an easy choice and I have to say that prices in the secondary market really helped me to make the decision but was it the right one? And if it was, what can I replace this beast with? It was not an easy task to be honest, I loved my Sub and I really believe is the most iconic watch a person can own but if we overlook the hype of one of the coolest watches out there, we will see that is a bit big, cumbersome and also dare to say monochromatic? It is not a boring watch by all means and you do feel like a rock star when you own one but is it that good? Well, the answer is a yes and a no. I was very happy with my Rolex, nothing could touch it but then I had the brilliant idea to look at Bremont, I know some people might cringe a bit but please do hear me out. I felt in love of the design and aged lume that the Supermarine S301 offers, the case was like no other, it wears nicer and the quality is very high for the price, so nothing out of the normal here, there are plenty watches that can be superior to the Submariner like the Omega Seamaster 300 or even the Tudor Pelagos, so why the Bremont?, it doesn’t have an in house movement and it is less popular than the other 2, well here is my review/explanation how this happened, spoiler alert, I am very happy.

bremont watch

The Specifications:

The Supermarine is 40mm which is the same diameter than the Rolex, but that’s were the similarities end, for sure the Submariner in terms of quality and materials is much better, white gold hands with Chromalight, an inhouse movement that is a tank and a bezel that clicks and fells like anything else, to go even further this Supermarine is more of a BlackBay competitor but on my wrist the Bremont felt better. The watch houses an ETA 2892 modified and made chronometer spec by Bremont, nothing ground breaking but just another detail added to the incredible trip-tick case, the quick change date ( no transition from one day to the other), the bronze ring on the crown, the ceramic matte bezel and the beveled lugs, as you can see the Bremont starts to depart from that normal case in the Rolex family.

bremont watch

On the wrist:

At this point you might be thinking that is just a glorified ETA watch with a fabulous case, and to many people that is when they draw the line and decide to go to the more known competition. That said the case not only makes this watch stand out, it also makes it wear like a charm, at 13mm thick and under 48mm lug to lug you can really see this as an alternative to the mighty Black Bay 58, to me it was an alternative for the Submariner, it is just more charming and easier to pull, it is more of an enthusiast piece rather than an icon and that for me it gets the job done, very well done. The watch has Superluminova markers which create a high contrast with the dial, there is a nice nod with the red lettering the dial and I do have to agree that the Bremont does take inspiration from many of the Rolex divers from the 60s and that is ok, is not trying to cheat the look, it has the sufficient amount of nostalgia and innovation.

bremont on vario watch strap

The Vario strap:

With its warm vibe the watch it is of course a strap monster, I have been wearing it on a and also a Vario rubber strap in camo green, it blends perfectly giving that military look and comfort to wear it every day. The 20mm lug is of course a good start for this versatility but the black out part of the case with the curving lugs just adds to the overall aggressive look of this one-of-a-kind diver.

bremont watch


Is no secret that this watch is a great fit for me, it does scratch that diver itch and after being without the Submariner for a few months I can say that I miss it less and less. There is no substitute for such a beautiful piece that the Rolex is, but versatility and ease of wear can really make a watch work better than others. The Bremont performs as good as the Sub, yes is not as refined but is not trying to, the real question is why would I pick a Tudor over this? The so call-in house movement perhaps? To me at least it doesn’t move the needle.



Written by Robbie from Robbie & Watches


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