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Artículo: A great vintage collaboration: The Yema Superman by Worn and Wound | VARIO

A great vintage collaboration: The Yema Superman by Worn and Wound | VARIO

A great vintage collaboration: The Yema Superman by Worn and Wound | VARIO

Yema is often a brand that we forget about when we talk about vintage and modern watches, they have done a monumental re launch over the last years and many of their products are really incredible, I visit them in World Time UK and their in-house caliber alongside with the great and unique Superman diver were very refreshing. The French brand has launched a new collaboration with Worn and Wound and I have to say it is one of the most good-looking additions to their catalogue, they do offer a blue version as a non-limited edition but I think the black (specially on a diver) look incredible, it hits all the right notes when it comes to a vintage watch: no date, big lume plots, under 40mm size and of course that patented lock mechanism that Yema is so famous for. I had the luck to sped sometime with this great piece thanks to my friend on Instagram #tickertalker007 and I enjoyed a lot my time with it, here are some of the key thoughts on this re issue, let’s begin.

Yema SupermanYema Superman

The dimensions:

The watch is really perfect, part of the charm of this vintage looking piece is the 39mm case which we all have agreed secretly that is the perfect size for a diver, dress watch and sports watch; not sure what Rolex was thinking on discontinuing the 39mm case from their line up but that’s another topic. The watch is very wearable and easy to pull, it comes with a well made solid bracelet which my only criticism is that add up to the lug to lug distance but apart from that you can source many option as a replacement as it has drilled lugs and a 19mm width, I have to say that this watch looks amazing on a strap and we will come to that later. The movement inside is Yema’s in-house (yes you read that right) YEMA2000 caliber , it’s a great workhorse and at this price point apart from Seiko, Yema can really brag about this feature. The watch has a 12-hour bezel making it easy to track a second time zone and its locked by their patented mechanism, for an under 40mm watch the piece looks very aggressive and unique on my 6.25 inch wrist.

Yema Superman

On the wrist:

As mentioned, the Superman looks spot on my wrist and visibility is one of the biggest plus of this edition, the lume plots are oversized and together with the luminous bezel the whole watch can be look at a glance day or night. Is not uncomfortable to wear and it gives you this feeling of owning a vintage piece but with the benefits of being well built and up for any modern task. The watch comes in a nice leather presentation box in a price that is very aggressive which is under 1000 USD. The black matte dial is a joy to look, and the absence of a date makes the Superman as symmetrical as anything, very clean cut.


The Vario Strap:

Even that the Superman has a 19mm lug width I paired with a 20mm Imperial Yellow Twill strap from Vario, it gives it this old vintage feeling when brighter was better, the 70s charm on this piece is unique and its very easy to pair it with many options, green, black even red.

Yema Superman



I loved the time with the Yema Superman, in my eyes it felt like a re edition which is true to its roots, very well design and also put together, the hole package is attractive and the pedigree that you get by owning a Yema is not something that you can brag about with other pieces at this price range. In my opinion this is a future collectible which you can own now and wear on daily basis, there are still some available which makes me think to get one before is too late.


Written by Robbie from Robbie & Watches


Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the author and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.


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The watch in this article, which is superb, is not on the W&W site. It isn’t nearly as nice. Where can one find this one?

Lynn Scott Paden

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