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Twill Nato Strap

vario medic watch on twill nato watch strap
vario twill nato watch strap
Our Twill Nato watch strap is made from very soft nylon and double weaved like Tudor's fabric strap to give a luxurious look for your watch. The single pass style allows for a low profile on the wrist.
Slide into our Twill Nato watch strap and experience the comfort for yourself. 

Our Twill Nylon watch straps fit lug width of 18, 20, 22mm in silver or black buckle finish.
These straps offer the comfort you deserve and the finish your timepiece deserves.
Swap in and out in seconds to mix and match with your wardrobe.

vario twill nato watch strap
Twill Nato Collection will retire after May 31. Grab a few before they're gone!