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5 Graphic straps that adds Personality to your Timex Weekender | VARIO

The Timex Weekender is a great choice for any man or woman wanting a simple, reliable and affordable quartz watch. The price to good looks ration of this Timex is amazing and you have to admire the beauty in simplicityas well as the sheer genius of a technology like Indigo™

Pair it up with straps and you can create many different looks for your Weekender. Here are some of our favourites that we think will help add more personality to your Timex Weekender.

vario ocean chevron graphic strap with timex weekender

Ocean Chevron

Our best selling model to date it combines modern abstraction and nature together with a blue wave pattern

vario macaron dots graphic strap with timex weekender

Macaron Dots

We combined polka dots and macarons to bring a fun new element to watch straps that will show off your quirkiness

vario ocean chevron printed strap with timex weekender

Mono Plaid

Subtle and understated, this design is easy to match your wardrobe if you would like something more toned down.

vario orange tangy printed strap with timex weekender

Orange Tangy

If you are in the mood to show off your positive mood and turn a few heads, look no further.

vario camo green graphic strap with timex weekender

Camo Green

Inspired by army camouflage we made it fun and casual by adding tiny toy soldiers on the band.

Each of our printed strap design is limited to no more than 500 pieces to add something unique to your look.

Want something more understated? Try our Seat Belt Collection

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