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Mentioned on Master Horologer

Mentioned on Master Horologer "In place of traditional leather straps and bracelets, lots of watch lovers chose NATO straps thanks to its flexibility and reliability. However presently there are fewer options if you wish you desire a vibrant and colourful NATO straps to suit any occasion." -Master Horologer

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A Curated Style Review

A Curated Style Review "This strap has a lot of personality. Pictures don’t do it justice. If worn correctly it adds a nice little touch to an outfit. As the weather starts to warm up in the coming months this is going to be a great way to add some strong color to your wrist." -A Curated Style

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Featured on Microbrand Watch World

Featured on Microbrand Watch World "These new Nato strap designs from Vario Watch Straps adds a splash of colour to rejuvenate your favourite old watches" -Nick from Microbrand Watch World 

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Mentioned on Design Clever

Mentioned on Design Clever thanks to Jonathan & Bethany from Design Clever for giving us a shout out!

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Mentioned on Perpetuelle

Mentioned on Perpetuelle our indiegogo campaign was mentioned on perpetuelle . thanks to Kyle for twitting about about campaign.

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