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Pebble Time Steel with Vario Mono Plaid 22mm 2-piece strap by #varioclub member Nev Rawlins

vario mono plaid nato strap with pebble time steel
Pebble watch / Vario strap combinations
Silver Pebble Time Steel with my Doodle watchface in white / black color format and Vario Mono Plaid 22mm 2-piece strap
Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a Project Manager at a Financial institution in the UK.  In my spare time, I design and develop cryptic watchfaces for the Pebble smartwatches. 
Why cryptic watchfaces?
I have always loved the cryptic watches produced by Tokyoflash, who used to run a Design Studio Blog posting designs from fans. These watchfaces are more fun than just simple time-tellers - they look good and as you have to put in some effort to read them, they are good for the brain too!
What are the sources of your designs?
I have kept in touch with some of the people who submitted designs to Tokyoflash and have used some of their designs for Pebble watchfaces as well as anything that inspires me in my own designs. I now have over 75 watchfaces on the Pebble App Store. They are mostly cryptic and are what I call "wrist art".
What about watch straps?
I have, in the past, always gone for metal straps for my watches, as I prefer these to leather straps. When I saw the Vario designs, I immediately fell in love with them - another wonderful form of wrist art! So I decided to try these Nato straps. The original one-piece straps were not ideal as the charging port for the Pebbles is on the back and I use a docking station. However, when I discussed this with Ivan, he agreed that a 2-piece version would be viable and I got some of his early versions. These Nato straps not only look good, but a very comfortable.

​The Time Steel uses 22mm straps - ideally with quick release pins (as do the Vario 2-piece straps). The Vario Mono Plaid strap compliments this watch / watchface perfectly, continuing the monochrome theme. In fact, this strap is perfect for all black and white watchfaces. This is shown on my TimeDock charging station which helps to show why the 2-piece strap was the best choice.

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