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Artículo: The Best Watch Straps for a Hot Summer | VARIO

The Best Watch Straps for a Hot Summer | VARIO

The Best Watch Straps for a Hot Summer | VARIO

You may be surprised to know that a number of watch wearers commonly change out their watchband depending on the season or the types of fashions that they are wearing at the time. You may have experienced the need for this before. In the middle of summer for example, the last thing that you might want to be wearing is a watch strap that's covered in sweat.

Here are some of the best straps recommended for summer use:

vario ballistic nylon strap
Vario Ballistic Nylon Strap

Vario Graphic Strap

straps: These are extremely durable straps which are made of nylon or polyester. The nice part about these types of straps is that they're very easy to change out and they can be nice and cool in the summer.

tropic watch strap
Tropic Watch Strap. Photo by Fully Wound

Tropic straps: These are rubber style straps which became very popular in the 1960s for a tropic themed outfit. For a vintage watch, this could be an excellent choice to get you through the whole summer.

vario art deco watch prototype with perlon strap
Vario Art Deco watch prototype with Perlon Strap

Perlon straps: These braided style watch straps are perfect for summer wear and works particularly well in a variety of situations. These items come in a wide variety of colors as well offering one of the best watch straps in summer for fashion and versatility.

vario eclipse watch with milanese mesh bracelet
Vario eclipse watch with milanese mesh bracelet

Steel bracelets: The steel bracelet is nice in summer provided you don’t fasten it too tight around the wrist and the best thing about it is it won’t soak up any sweat.

Vario Silicone Strap

Rubber/Silicone straps: This is a sporty looking and relatively inexpensive option. Rubber bands have long been a favorite of major watch manufacturers like Rolex because they offer a band variety that great for the sweat of the summer. They also come in several different color styles and they are perfect for resilient wear throughout the warmest months.

Consider each one of these top options if you are interested in getting sweat free strap in the summer!

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