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Artículo: Vario Giveaway Contest June 2018

Vario Giveaway Contest June 2018

Vario Giveaway Contest June 2018

Good Luck Everyone!

Vario Giveaway June 2018 contest

95 comentarios

Oh really cool watches – they look “clean” :) I like mixing and matching!

Cassandra G.

amazing watch with great design


These are such beautiful watches. I know my hubby would love one!

Donna porter

Very nice watches! Thank you for the great giveaway!

Kidsfuntv – Gaming!

Jessica C

Great watches, love the classic look with the modernist feel.


interesting watch

Orna Soref

Fabulous watches, the are awesome. Thanks for the chance.

Nancy Bradford

Wow—the colours are quite nice!

S. Stewart

Thanks so much for this opportunity! And those are great designs on the watches!

S. Stewart

Thanks for the great prize and competition. Good luck everyone.

Adrian Bold

Would love to win for me.

Lee Hardy

My husband loves watches. He would love this watch.

tiffany dayton

Great watches – I’d love to win for my husband.

Hazel Rea

wanna win this watch. i love it.

Ali Asgar Taj

Great Giveaway :-)

Phil O'Neill

Great looking watch that I would enjoy wearing daily.

Darren Scrubb

Love the simplicity

Nigel Soper

Great looking watches. Like to see some more interesting strap designs.

Jo Fo

It was really hard voting for just one strap. There were a couple watch straps that stood out from the others, but I narrowed it down to one….

Debbie Welchert

what a lovely watch! id love to win for my other half


I’d love to win one for my father.
Gorgeous watches!

Alexandra Cîrlea

Minimalist design. Perfect design. No so fancy, not so simple.

Ujwal Shakya

Very nice looking watch

Theresa Thomas

What a perfect timeless watch. I love it

sheri Darby

Gorgeous watches . Simple but elegant . Love them


Gorgeous striking watches! love the colours and designs, so much choice!.

Sarah Roberts

Gorgeous watches!

Dana Matthews

I’d love to win one for my husband, it’s his birthday on Father’s Day :)

Caroline Hunter

Simple design ,great for most outfits.

Jessi Lanoue

Very nice looking watch

Jan R

Nice. . 😍😍

Sanaa Hassan

i love these watches!! thank you :)

Erin N

I love the watches. Thanks for the giveaway.

Elizabeth Robinson

great giveaway, thanks much!!

Liz Kilcher

The design is so neat!

Kristina G

Thanks for the chance to win.

Marlene V.

Wonderful watches and a very unique line I loved

Armando Manuel Dias Santos

Very clean watches…I like!

Jeremy F

Very elegant and stylish watches,

Susan Smith

Great giveaway.

Alice Gilkes

very stylish hope I win

Amina zafar

The watch face is stunning I love them

Kim Styles

Minimalistic design watches.. I don’t have one.. They are very nice!


Stunning watches

Annabel Greaves

Very nice. It would look even better on my wrist.

John Mc

This is a very unusual watch but very stylish

Sheena Batey

The Hex-G Black 2 piece Graphic Strap is my favourite.
Thanks for great competition.


Wow, they’re all so beautiful and stylish!

Ruth Harwood

I love the midnight comet!

Tracy Nixon

So lovely & pretty range of watches 💖

Thaveesa Seneviratne

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