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Artículo: A Quick Guide to Cordura Watch Straps | VARIO

A Quick Guide to Cordura Watch Straps | VARIO

A Quick Guide to Cordura Watch Straps | VARIO

Created by the American company DuPont in 1929, Cordura refers to a range of fabric technologies made with various nylon yarn sizes ranging from 330 to 1000 denier. Though it was initially made from rayon, the technological push spurred by World War II eventually led to its creators to adapt a nylon-based process, further increasing its strength and abrasion resistance. Like Harris Tweed and other protected fabrics, genuine Cordura is held to certified standards.

Cordura continues to see heavy use by the military, but many top companies have adapted it for items like backpacks, luggage, performance apparel, and now, watch straps. If you’re on the fence about getting a Cordura watch strap of your own, here’s a list of features to consider that might help speed up the decision-making process.

vario cordura watch band with timex weekender watch

Designed with military and dive watches in mind, VARIO’s single-pass and two-piece Cordura watch straps are 100% genuine with leather and cotton-lined options!


Compared to similar heavy-duty fabrics like Ballistic Nylon, Cordura is lighter, allowing watch wearers to effectively secure larger watches to their wrist with less additional weight. You would be hard-pressed to beat its strength-to-weight ratio.


Cordura’s natural weave pattern makes it more resistant to wear, tear, and abrasion than 90% of other fabrics. It stands up to any weather or outdoor condition with minimal damage and is easily cleaned in a cold water machine cycle.

vario cordura watch band with seiko skx watch


Cordura accepts color much easier than other heavy-duty watch straps, allowing for greater customization beyond standard colors like black and dark grey. If you want a watch strap that’s durable yet stands out, Cordura tends to offer a wider range of options. It can be adapted for everything from casual and business attire to sports.


While many manufacturers have begun to create imitations of and silicone-based watch straps, the look and texture of fabrics like Harris Tweed and Cordura are much harder to counterfeit. Should you learn to properly identify Cordura prior to purchases, you’re likely to get genuine watch straps every single time.

vario cordura watch band with casio g-shock watch

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