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Artículo: Why Harris Tweed Makes Such Great Watch Straps

Why Harris Tweed Makes Such Great Watch Straps

Why Harris Tweed Makes Such Great Watch Straps

You’d be hard-pressed to dive into the world of wristwatches without coming across Harris Tweed watch bands. Named after the Scottish island on which it’s made, this amazing material has existed since the eighteenth century and is a staple fabric for many luxury items such as coats and hats. Genuine Harris Tweed even has its own certificate of authenticity, which proves to manufacturers and small scale creators that what they’re using in their products is the real deal. We wrote another article on how to care for Harris Tweed watch straps that also delved into some of the history behind the fabric, but today, VARIO is taking a look at just why so many people love this material for watch straps. Read on to learn more about the exceptional qualities of this fabric.

vario empire on harris tweed watch strap

Have you copped one of our Harris Tweed or Vintage leather watch straps? Check out our guide on how to clean and care for them! We also have gorgeous strap designs for all occasions!

  1. It Looks Great

With its unique speckled texture, Harris Tweed is one of the most stylish fabrics on earth. As we mentioned before, it is used to create far more garments than watch bands, and a well-made designer Harris Tweed jacket can run you some tens of thousands of dollars. Harris Tweed has even been worn by stars and royalty, and was popularized in high society by King Edward VII in the 1800s.

Because it holds dye well, you can also get options when it comes to color, though the generic look is just as beautiful. VARIO currently has ten options available in its Harris Tweed strap collection, but be sure to check frequently to see if and when new colors are added.

  1. It Holds Elasticity

While not the most flexible of fabrics, Harris Tweed does give watch-wearers more room to find a comfortable fit than alternatives like leather,, and stainless steel. It’s a great choice to gift growing teenagers with alongside a watch, or as a solo gift to help grow a watch-strap collection.

vario harris tweed watch strap

  1. It’s Extremely Durable

Rain, sleet, snow, or extreme heat – many survivalists and outdoor lovers usually have at least a couple Harris Tweed straps at their disposal. Genuine Harris Tweed can last for decades, with its high resistance to extreme temperatures, prolonged sunlight, and regular wear and tear that is highly conducive to an active lifestyle.

  1. It’s Water-Resistant

One of the major contributors to the durability of this fabric is its resistance to moisture, which is a very important factor when looking to buy fabric-based watch straps. If the band retains moisture after being exposed to rain, washed, or stored in a damp area for a very short time, this can compromise the integrity of the fabric itself, and make it a breeding ground for mold and other harmful elements. Tweed is not naturally water-resistant – it has to undergo an extra process in order to be able to repel water – but VARIO has ensured that this is a feature in all our watch straps.

  1. It’s Comfortable

This is perhaps the biggest selling point of all. When it comes to the things you wear, comfort should always be high on your list, and Harris Tweed delivers. It sits softly and snugly on your wrist while allowing breathability, and won’t irritate your skin. All in all, the VARIO team gives well-made Harris Tweed watch straps a solid 10/10.

vario harris tweed watch strap

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