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Artículo: 6 Reasons Why Changing Your Watch Strap Is A Good Idea | VARIO

6 Reasons Why Changing Your Watch Strap Is A Good Idea | VARIO

6 Reasons Why Changing Your Watch Strap Is A Good Idea | VARIO

Sometimes things get better with age, but other times they just get old fast. While watches have the versatility that allows them to be worn with a wide variety of outfits, over time, you’ll eventually feel the desire for change, and to have something new on your wrist. The process of serial watch buying is a vicious cycle – you shell out a bunch of money for something new that catches your eye, wear it a handful of times, and once you’ve grown sufficient tired of it, it goes into the back of a drawer and you move on to the next one. Nicks and scratches certainly don’t help – most consumers today are used to buying new watches as soon as their previous watch got a slight issue.

But what If you could actually prolong the lifespan of your wrist watches by simply changing the watch strap and get to rock it even longer? It’s such a simple way to breathe new life into your favorite wrist pieces, yet so many persons will only change their watch band if it sustains some sort of damage, and otherwise, not at all.

What does changing a watch strap actually entail? Well, it depends on how your watch is designed. Spring bars, especially the quick-release variations, can be changed in less than two minutes with or without the use of tools. These are the most common, though you may also have drilled lugs. While you may prefer to have a specialist change your watch bracelets and bands, learning to do it yourself only requires a few minutes online to gather simple instructions and removal tools. Check out VARIO’s strap-removal accessories here.

So now you know how to go about changing your watch strap, the question is why you should bother. Here are some of the benefits you'll derive from changing your watch strap instead of going for a brand new watch when you need to spice things up.

technomarine chrono watch with vario graphic watch strap
Technomarine Chrono Watch with Vario Graphic strap

1. It Saves You Money

Of course, the first and biggest advantage of changing your watch strap is that it’s easier on your pockets. While a decent watch brand new can run you upwards of a hundred dollars, you can find premium, well-made straps well within the $15 to $30 price range, though leather, stainless steel mesh, and high-grade materials will cost you a bit more than that. Just think – for a tiny percentage of what you would spend on a new timepiece, you can put together a great collection of watch straps in various styles and designs, giving you more flexibility while showing off your personality.

2. You Get More Flexibility with Your Style

Not only the cost will be lower than to go for a brand new watch, you can create a whole new look and style by making the change. Switch out your old bracelet strap for a high-quality leather strap to tone down the look of your watch from black-tie to business casual, or get some straps for more durability if you’re athletic or love to spend time in the outdoors. Soft-silicone, which tends to be more popular for smart watches, are extremely popular with teens and young adults, and can make a great gift for persons in that age group.

Even if you’ve got a dial face with a more unusual color like salmon, you can still find a wide variety of bands to complement it no matter where you choose to wear it. There are countless watch strap designs, and even more are being produced by new companies every day.

Seiko dress watch with Vario Harris Tweed watch strap
Seiko watch with Vario Harris Tweed watch strap

3. You Can Find Better Quality

Simply put, not only will you be able to see better workmanship in your quality wristwatches, but you'll also be able to feel that the watches are perhaps more desirable as you have the privilege of changing the strap to your desired size or fit compared with the stock strap that comes with the watch. I can guarantee you that once you try a proper quality strap, you will feel the difference, it will be finer, fit better, and last much longer.

Sometimes the watch band that a watch originally comes with is not ideal, but people accept it as part of the watch and as a result are more reluctant to change it. The feeling of a comfortable watch strap on your wrist cannot be beaten – there’s no need to put up with scratchy material, or a band that pinches your skin if you can help it. Loose straps are also dangerous, as with enough jostling, they make it easier for your watch to bang against tables and other hard surfaces. Weak straps that break can also cause irreparable damage to your watches if they malfunction and cause them to go flying.

4. It’s Very Eco-Friendly

A good and sustainable environment can be achieved through this simple practice as it helps to avoid wastage, if you'd love to be more environmentally friendly but don't know where to begin, start with changing your watch strap so your environment will not be littered with bunches of unused wristwatches that eventually lie in the bin.

Watch bands aren’t limited to a single watch, either. Depending on the size of the watches you buy, you’ll be able to switch your watch straps between multiple watches, and even switch them with family members and friends. Because materials like ballistic nylon can last for decades even with frequent use, you won’t be throwing them away anytime soon.

casio baby g with vario ballistic nylon watch strap
Casio Baby G with Vario Ballistic Nylon watch strap

5. The Sentimental Value

We all have watches that have been with us on special occasions like an anniversary, graduation or maybe it was your parent’s favorite before passing the heirloom down to you. Sometimes the most ordinary can be the most extraordinary. Why not service or repair the watch and simply change the strap of your old watches and remind yourself of the great old days again.

Straps can also carry sentimental value. While some materials like leather require special care not to fall apart, most are easy to clean when changing owners – most nylon watch bands in particular can just be thrown in the washing machine. Watch straps also make great gifts. If you find a unique band and present it to a friend or family member, they’ll be sure to think of you every time they wear it going forward.

6. Personal Satisfaction

Finally, there is no better feeling than to be able to satisfy your needs, without compromising your budget and have the satisfactory feeling of personally changing your own watch strap to give it a new look. You can enjoy your lifestyle at a minimal budget. You’ll be glad you spent little to achieve a great result and get compliments from others for it. The only warning we have: once you start collecting watch straps, it may be very hard to stop. They’re an amazing way to bring versatility to your wrist and your entire wardrobe.

Ricoh watch with Vario Harris Tweed watch strap
Ricoh watch with Vario Harris Tweed watch strap

Changing a watch strap is a simple “do it yourself” process that anyone can master by following some basic tips and guidelines. It's the right time you start taking out your old watches from your drawer, giving them a good polish, changing their straps and rocking them for even longer periods of time.

Don’t know where to start? Why not check out VARIO’s watch strap collection?

For the full range of Vario's watches and straps, please visit

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