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Artículo: 10 Reasons Why You Should Own A Watch | VARIO

10 Reasons Why You Should Own A Watch | VARIO

10 Reasons Why You Should Own A Watch | VARIO

So many people today are extremely focused on using their smartphones, tablets, and other personal technology devices for telling the time on a regular basis. However, while it is true that we have many options available to us when we need to keep track of the time, there are still many that prefer to wear a classic analog watch.

From college students and outdoor enthusiasts to top executives and industry leaders, persons from all walks of life continue to buy watches in various styles with extra features like date/time windows and compasses for some extra flair. But how has the watch trend managed to survive and even thrive despite the technology revolution? The answers are much simpler than you think, and VARIO is bringing them right to you. Here are some of the top reasons why you should own a watch today.

max bill with orange tangy strap
Max Bill on Orange Tangy strap by Chris Ford

It showcases your responsibility: An analog watch, especially one that is mechanical and/or hand wound, can be a great demonstration of responsibility. The design of these watches mean that in order to keep them functional, you must take the time to carefully rewind and maintain them, whether this be by hand or investing in a watch winder box that you can set your watch in overnight. Maintained, these types of watches can demonstrate commitment and attention to detail.

It commands prestige: With a beautiful wristwatch, you can capture the attention of those around you with an eye for quality items. High-end watches are often a mark of prestige amongst CEOs and other powerful individuals, especially since it’s one of the few pieces of jewelry that they will wear consistently throughout the entire year. By putting careful consideration into the type of watch you want to invest in, you can present yourself as a much more refined and sophisticated individual.

vario eclipse hematite
Vario Eclipse Hematite on strap by Dan Petro

It's convenient: Rather than having to rustle around in your pocket for a smartphone or open up a device to check on the time, you can very easily check on the time by glancing at your wrist. It can be dangerous to consistently take out your smartphone and try to check the time regularly, especially when driving or moving through dangerous areas. With a watch, you can help to save yourself from device fatigue while keeping track of how you spend your day. They’re also a better option for persons who are involved in sports and outdoor activities like kayaking or climbing. Checking your phone when concentration is highly important is a recipe for disaster.

It's less distracting: Checking the time with your smartphone can often lead to a huge spiral of productivity problems. You may become distracted if you notice new messages and other information on your phone screen when you glance at it just to check the time, which is rather unhelpful if you’re trying to curb the amount of time you spend procrastinating. With a simple analog watch, the temptation to unlock your phone to check your messages, go on social media, or do other activities after checking the time would be greatly reduced. For this reason, a watch can make sure that you avoid inefficiency.

vario empire watch
Vario Empire dress watch by Cormac

It's a symbol of craftsmanship: Many of the top watch manufacturers in the world often produce a limited number of every model they launch, or craft watches that may require days, weeks, or months to finish. The craftsmanship that goes into getting the accuracy of the movement and all of the moving parts working in tandem takes extensive talent, and the value of these creations only increases over time, making them extremely valuable heirlooms and collector’s items. Having that symbol of craftsmanship by your side can be the perfect way to encapsulate your appreciation for the beauty and complexity of human creativity, and if you are in the engineering field, strengthen your love for mechanical items.

Vario 1918 Trench by Alan Godfrey

It showcases great style: Watches are excellent fashion accessories for almost every outfit, and carry the added benefit of having so many styles, designs, and colors that even with the same outfit as someone else, you can use your watch to show off your unique personality. The best part is that there are no limits to the number of watches you can own. Choose a sports watch to show your love for the sporting lifestyle, a carefully crafted salmon or rose gold watch to stand out from the crowd, or a smart watch to demonstrate your love of tech and everything that is new and innovative in the timepiece industry.

A watch is a really great way to tie your final outfit together, and unlike most other pieces of jewelry, serves a pretty important function too.

seiko alpinist on mono plaid
Seiko Alpinist on Mono Plaid strap by Teh Lee

They can last over a long time: Most watches are made from durable materials like stainless steel, ceramic, and titanium that are highly resistant to wear, tear, breakage, and breakdown. This means that right now you could go out and buy a watch that will last you for an entire lifetime and longer. This is one of the reasons that watches are one of the most common heirlooms in families, passed down across three or more generations. A good watch is one of the most long-lasting investments you can make, because you truly are buying it for life. Even if repairs are needed, it rarely destroys the integrity of your timepiece.

They are dependable: Having a watch that runs on a battery can be a very dependable choice to check the time, or if no batteries are available, a mechanical watch will keep running for as long as you keep winding it. Either way, the issues faced by most smartphones and smartwatches where they run out of power within a day of continuous use doesn’t affect your watches. Watches with batteries can keep going for an average of four years, mechanical watches work as long as they’re wound, and automatic watches keep going for as long as you’re active.

panerai on vario cordura watch strap
Panerai watch on Cordura single pass watch strap by Derek

It's traditional: So many generations before us have depended on watches that they have become a staple in many spaces, including the business world. Wearing a watch can truly be a way to pay tribute to the previous generations that have crafted a culture where watches and specific brands carry deeper meanings and heritage, and can help you carry on the tradition into the future. Many museums all around the world contain watches of considerable significance to an event, a person, or a group that lived long before our time and made their mark on our shared history.

vario popeye navi

Vario Navi x Popeye Jump Hour Watch

It can help you remember: Create a beautiful relationship between you and your timepiece by wearing it to the important events in your life which you are sure to have fond memories of later on. Any watch could be the watch that you wore to a birthday party, graduation, wedding, wedding anniversary or when you secured a business deal. Watches go through thick and thin with you and help you remember those times.

seiko chronograph with Harris Tweed strap
Seiko chronograph on Harris Tweed strap by Alan Godfrey

Keep some of these top reasons in mind for why you should own watch. If you’ve had a watch lying in the drawer that was forgotten, its time to take it out and replace it with a new strap to update its look and wear it with pride.

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