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Artículo: The Best Watch Straps for a Cold Winter | VARIO

The Best Watch Straps for a Cold Winter | VARIO

The Best Watch Straps for a Cold Winter | VARIO

Picking out a watch strap that compliments your wardrobe in the winter can often be a good exercise to show off your fashion sense. A warmer watch strap can also serve as a great barrier that can complement a good pair of gloves and work to ensure that you don’t get too uncomfortable with some of the winter weather. If you are interested in picking out some of the best watch straps for the winter months, you can consider some of these options:

Vario Eclipse watch with ZRC full grain Buffalo leather watch strap

Leather straps: Classic leather style straps will always complement a variety of watch varieties. They can serve as an excellent change from a stainless steel bracelet and they work to complement items like a leather coat or winter clothing quite well too. Classic leather straps will soak up the warmth of your skin and not be uncomfortable in the cooler weather.

Apple Watch with Harris Tweed watch strap

Harris Tweed straps: Harris Tweed is a tweed cloth handwoven and made from pure virgin wool and compliments your winter wardrobe very well. The fabric is treated for water resistance to repel moisture and leather lining warms up your skin and creates a buffer between your the tweed fabric and your skin so it doesn't feel itchy.

rubber b on rolex watch
Rolex Submariner with RubberB watch strap (Photo by ABlogtoWatch)

Rubber straps: Rubber straps are all weather straps and sporty. If you are regularly going to be out and active in the winter, a rubber strap can often be an excellent decision. Rubber straps will repel away almost any type of moisture as well as offer an elegant and sporty look for a watch in the winter months. These are often some of the most inexpensive watch straps that you can use during the winter.

Be sure to consider any of these watch straps if you are interested in getting the most out of your watch straps based on the season!

Looking for a new watch this winter? Consider our Vario Eclipse and Empire dress watch.

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