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Artículo: How to prepare your watch for strap | The VARIO Guide

How to prepare your watch for strap | The VARIO Guide

See how easy it is to prepare your watch for strap

You only need to do it once and swapping between straps take less than 1 minute.

From the back side of your watch, insert the forked end of your spring bar tool in between the strap and the watch lug. The spring bar has a ridge that the tool will grab, allowing it to compress.

Gently apply pressure toward the strap (away from the watch) to depress the spring bar. At the same time, apply some downward pressure so the bar will pop out. If you press too hard or fast, the tool may slip and damage your strap or scratch your watch. Repeat on the other side

Insert the strap between the top spring bar and the watch case and pull through. Now you will do the same on the bottom of the watch and pull the long part of the strap back through

Adjust the watch case close to the 2nd keeper from buckle

Pull the long part of the watch strap back through the floating keeper on the shorter part of the strap.

There you have a working strap!

You can tuck the excess length back into the keepers inwards or outwards

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