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Russian Beech Wood with Concrete Base Watch Display Stand

Angebot$46.00 USD

Hand crafted by Russian wood maker from locally sourced natural beech wood and juxtaposing them with a concrete base for a modern industrial look, VARIO’s watch stand provides a perfect alternative for watch storage to the more traditional watch box. Our watch stand is a work of art that enhances your viewing experience for your favourite watch by allowing you to admire your preferred watch, wrist accessory or jewelry at a natural viewing angle any time you wish.

Height: 10cm
Width: 9cm
Depth: 7cm
Circumference of holder: 18.5cm

Each item is an individual piece with its own structure and colour which may differ slightly from the one on display in our online shop. Our watch stands are made of the finest natural materials and lined with a layer of cork to prevent scratching your beloved furniture. The marks on the wood and concrete are natural and unique to each piece and full of character.

This is a perfect gift for watch lovers, whether it’s a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas present.
*watches and watch straps not included
**not suitable for bracelet watch, ladies watch or smaller vintage watches (make sure the length of your watch to the last hole is longer than 18.5cm for it to work)