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Golden Serpent Graphic Watch Strap

Angebot$26.00 USD


This elegant strap design was inspired by golden serpents, which are ultimate symbols of beauty, strength, and prosperity. Just as a serpent sheds its skin and is reborn, so will you experience the power of transformation and renewal with the energy that comes from this design. Golden energy is also heavily tied to divine healing.

Each of our printed graphic strap design is limited to no more than 500 pieces to add something unique to your look.

available in 20/22mm
stainless steel buckles

dacron fabric
measuring approx 10.5"/270mm long and 1.2mm thick
machine-washable strap
100% Vegan Friendly
*watch not included*

Inspected in Singapore, quality and satisfaction guaranteed

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vario golden serpent black graphic strap
Golden Serpent Graphic Watch Strap Angebot$26.00 USD