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Clover Rouge Graphic Watch Strap

Angebot$26.00 USD


Take a subtle approach to expressing feelings of faith, hope, and love, with this miniature red-four-leafed-clover design. Unlike flashier patterns that can look and feel out of place with most of your wardrobe, the true meaning of this strap is only visible when you lean in for a closer look.

Each of our printed graphic strap design is limited to no more than 500 pieces to add something unique to your look.

available in 20/22mm
stainless steel buckles

dacron fabric
measuring approx 10.5"/270mm long and 1.2mm thick
machine-washable strap
100% Vegan Friendly
*watch not included*

Inspected in Singapore, quality and satisfaction guaranteed

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Clover Rouge Graphic Watch Strap Angebot$26.00 USD