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Batik Quad 2 Piece Graphic Watch Strap

Angebot$26.00 USD


Inspired by Batik, a dyeing technique that originated in Southeast Asia, this strap blends earthy colors with a balanced, geometric design. A subtle yet meaningful expression of Malaysian and Indonesian culture, the Batik Quad is ideal when going for a simple, traditional and tasteful look.

Each of our printed graphic strap design fit a wide range of watches including smartwatches and is limited to no more than 500 pieces to add something unique to your look.

available in 20/22mm
stainless steel buckles

dacron fabric
measuring approx 5"/130mm long portion, 3"/78mm short portion and 1.2mm thick
machine-washable strap
quick release pins
100% Vegan Friendly
*watch not included*

Inspected in Singapore, quality and satisfaction guaranteed

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vario batik quad graphic watch strap for smartwatch
Batik Quad 2 Piece Graphic Watch Strap Angebot$26.00 USD