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Woven Mesh Bracelets

Woven Mesh Bracelets

vario woven mesh bracelet
vario woven mesh metal bracelet

A true statement of elegance, our woven mesh bracelet is the perfect staple for every day wear. Forged of durable stainless steel and crafted with care by high-end German jewelry production company, Staib, it is sure to impress.

Each is crafted from fine threads of stainless steel before being plated with bronze, silver, gold, or rose gold for color.

vario woven mesh bracelet


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EsauritoVario silver woven mesh braceletsilver woven mesh bangle
Esauritovario bronze woven mesh braceletbronze woven mesh bangle
Esauritovario gold woven mesh braceletgold woven mesh bangle
Esauritovario rose gold woven mesh braceletrose gold woven mesh bangle