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Articolo: Why bronze and why now? The Tudor Black Bay Bronze | VARIO

Why bronze and why now? The Tudor Black Bay Bronze | VARIO

Why bronze and why now? The Tudor Black Bay Bronze | VARIO

Bronze has been that kind of material that took the world like a storm, yes everyone was fixated (still is) with steel, but why? Well with a good finishing, steel it can mimic white gold (I think this is why white gold is not the most popular material now) and also the price is almost half, but again we are here for the bronze. Bronze has encountered the heart of collector because is different, is not as shiny and flashy as steel, looks utilitarian and it also ages with grace in no time. When we think about a bronze watch we usually think of divers and is not a coincidence, bronze has been used in the maritime word for ages, from propellers to anchors, so it would only make sense to dive with one of the oldest alloys on earth. The trend started with Panerai, yes there were others before but when the ‘bronzo’ came into the scene is was only going to go one way and that was up. With all this new rush everybody was offering a bronze watch on their line-up and of course the question was: when is Rolex going to offer us a Submariner in bronze? Well our prays were answered (sort of) and Tudor came with a bang, the Tudor Black Bay Bronze. The watch came with different case from the standard black bay family, a different dial and a direct competitor to that Panerai which was taking all the headlines. I have enjoyed this piece for a bit now and I believe that is one of the best bronze value-watches out there, here are my impressions.

tudor black bay with vario twill watch strap

The specifications:

The watch is big at 43mm and that’s fine, I’ve tried 38mm bronze watches and for some reason they don’t work, the Black bay lines are present and it not just an oversize brute piece, it has beveled edges on the case, a stainless steel case back so your wrist doesn’t turn green and an explorer dial which we haven’t seen inside the Rolex family for a diver on while. The combination of brown, red and gold looks amazing, yes is extremely warm but is also very good looking, there are newer versions of this watch, but I think this one is still the best. The red gold hands and the gilt of the text really completes the package and its precise winding actions lets you know that the inhouse caliber MT5601 is here to do work, I wish we could see it from the back but that’s another story.

tudor black bay with vario twill watch strap

The strap and wearability:

The watch has a 23mm lug width but for some reason it comes with a 22mm strap, it looks good and not out of place but I have to say that at this price point I would expect a 23mm piece specially coming from Tudor, but fear not because as you get used to the odd width then you find out that there is more options to dress up or down the watch. To be fair, the Black Bay Bronze is perfect in the color combinations that it comes with but one can still dream so I paired it out with a Vario strap and it just gives a great vibe to the package, it feels nicer, newer and also feels more secure, the best bit is that it doesn’t interrupt the gold and green harmony that the watch oozes. The piece came with a leather strap as well, but I feel that a and a diver is a match made in heaven, it looks more utilitarian, more…. let’s say real.

tudor black bay with vario twill watch strap


This watch has taken over my wrist for a bit now, it’s heavy and also big but there is something cool about it, the watch has aged very well ( in a couple of weeks) and I got used to its presence for some reason, I think is because is not a dressy piece, it is a tool watch in the real sense. Tudor created a value proposition that is unbeatable, and it’s all backed up by no one less than Rolex. The piece is accessible in terms of pricing and availability compared to the ‘Bronzo’ and you could say that is has the same if not more nautical pedigree than the Panerai. The Tudor marries very well with a strap and definitely much better than leather, which means that the piece has a casual sport look, to be fair no one can really tell you that a bronze piece cannot be rocked with a suit but it would look much more in pair with some jeans and t-shirt, who would have think that a bronze piece could be so versatile? So easy to pull? And now with Winter here it just feels more like a match.

vario ballistic nylon brass watch strap

Vario Ballistic Nylon Brass Watch Strap - available in black, grey, khaki and olive and offered in 4 sizes 18/20/22/24mm

Written by Robbie from Robbie & Watches

Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the author and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.

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Are we in for a bronze diver?


Hello the Vario team,
I just have two bronze watches (Yema and Glycine) and it’s a unfortunate that you don’t offer this beautiful bracelet with bronze buckles !?



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