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Artículo: What is a Grail Watch | VARIO

What is a Grail Watch | VARIO

What is a Grail Watch | VARIO

Within watch collecting circles, the term “grail watch” is thrown about to describe a particular rare and high value timepiece that is hugely coveted by collectors. Some collectors will loosely use the term for any watch which they would like to have, but just happens to be out of their price range. For others, it means a watch they have coveted (or obsessed over) often for years, yet hardly ever seen in real life, let alone put it on their wrist. If they got their hands on such a watch, they would never sell it. It’s the kind of watch they would pass on to their children, or take with them to the grave.

I see lots of posts about Grail watches and it got me thinking, what makes a particular watch your grail. I used to be obsessed with a Panerai Radiomir but grew out of it after a few years so I'm curious, what makes a grail watch for you?! I think grails can take a few forms. The current watch that you know you want, are saving for, and will want even if anything else is purchased. Could also be that unreachable watch that no matter what happens will likely remain a pipe dream? I guess it could also be something you have that will always be with you, something to look forward to while fighting off the urge to impulse buy. Try it on and you will know. You need to have that "OMG what a beauty" feeling and.... you know it's the one for you. Then you try it on and it fits like a glove and you cannot stop staring at it..... That is your grail.

panerai radiomir

To some people, a grail watch is one that you usually covet for ‘some time’ but that you will never sell. Typically grails are watches that are sought after by collectors for long periods. However I will say ‘usually’ covet for some time as I believe there are instances where a watch becomes available that you never thought would, or that you never even knew existed, but instantly generates a level of desire and need similar to that of something coveted for a long period. However for it to be a true grail it must fall into the category of never to be sold. The only instances I believe where selling a grail may be acceptable are during times of financial hardship….and that does not include in order that you may buy another watch. The argument may be put forth that selling a grail is acceptable if it is to purchase another ‘better’ grail. But does that mean the watch was a grail in the first place, or simply another watch in the collection ladder?! To me it is not a grail but simply one of your favourites in your collection that you would like to hold onto, but inevitably will let go if something better comes along.

I also find that grails take all shapes, sizes, makes and designs. Personally I haven't found my grail watch or perhaps I wasn't actively seeking it. What is your grail watch? Do share it in the comments below.

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I’m a fan of old style watches. For me it would be something that looks from the 20’s or 30’s but have a slight steampunk look. I’m thinking a bronze, brass or copper case to allow for patina. Drilled lugs. A dial similar to your black tux (maybe black with parchment) with wrought iron color hands and minute dots or maybe brass hands. Red second hand. Acrylic domed crystal to keep it old school similar to the vostoks. A hand wind movement no date. A nice sized onion or cupcake style crown. Something comfortable in size to hand wind. A screw down stainless back. No need for an exhibition case back. And finally have it in 36mm with 18mm black or brown horween leather strap


Grail watch! Indeed what would be mine, mmm I can think of a couple and it depends on the size of the hurdle. A modest grail would be a Girard-Perregaux Laureato 42mm blue dial. A higher level grail would be a A.Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk or a De Bethune DG28GS Grand Blue. However my ultimate grail would be anything from Groebel Forsey.


I have two grails 😍 but they’re a lifetime out of reach unless I find a good business idea 😂. One is the Emmanuel Bouchet Complication One (any colour variant) and the other is Frédéric Jouvenot’s Helios Intí 😍😍😍

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